Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.

The god of the world on this earth said, he could not catch me in his snare, because
to catch me in his snare he had to come into my bedroom, & he also said he could not
come into my bedroom, because, prior to him coming into my bedroom, I had locked
every devil on the earth out of my bedroom  when I locked my brother, who used to
help me with my computers, out of my bedroom!

Prior to the devil coming into my bedroom in the year of 2008, I was not a demon
possessed person, &  I had, by this time been studying the bible for over 33 years!

The god of the world upon the face of this earth. Luke 4:5,6

King Charles II

King Charles

Dutch engraving of Charles II and Catherine of Braganza

Charles II in profile on a medal struck in 1667

King Charles II Portrait by John Riley, c. 1680–1685
Charles II of England

The god of the world upon the face of this earth. [Luke 4:5,6] as an

Charles II as an infant in 1630 ..

Charles II, 1630 - 1685. King of Scots 1649 - 1685. King of England and
Ireland 1660 - 1685 (When Prince of Wales ..,_

Now, I had been married to the god of the world upon this earth, for about 9 years,
however, I did not know that! He has since told me, as I have been going through this
ordeal, that my late husband had been captured in, the devil's snare!

When I get into heaven, I want to look at The Almighty God's Records, & I want to
look at the invisible things, & I want to look for the invisible devil, moving around
in my house during the time of my mariage to my late husband.

Now this devil gets into, & out of his snare, & he wanders about the place, & he
can, become [other people!] another person. For instance, if he is in a King, or in the body
of an ordinary person, somewhere else on this earth, while he is wandering
about the place,
he can tune into the body of that person, & now, he can be that person wandering about
the place, also with other gods [devil's] for instance: in our home, & he can be looking
this & that, & using that other
person's mind, he & they, can be thinking about this &
that, as he & they are are looking at this & that, & he & they can also be speaking to other
persons, such as devils, gods, within their minds around this earth, about this & that, & you
don't know this is happening, because you cannot see & or hear these [gods] devils, who
may even now be within your home walking about the place with him!

Now if I find him in invisible records in heaven walking about the place in my home, then
to me, it is obvious, that he had no right to be in my home, in 1994, after my late husband
had died, when the Word of God came into my home & called me to follow him, & he also
had no right to be within my home again, in the year of 2008, & in the year of 2008 he has
entered into my body!

Now I am still within the devil's snare, waiting to be set free!

Now, I recognize the man who is the devil, god of the world upon this earth when I see him,
because, he came into my home in the year of 2008, &, using Elecrtronical Wires & Devices
he "PERSONALLY" before my full length mirror, manifested himself to me as: Jehovah,
& Jesus Christ! He later manifested himself to me before other mirrors, as other person's,
such as, Buddha!

The god of the world upon the face of this earth!
The god of the world upon this earth is spiritually blind, & he has been using the Word of
God to guide his people who are on this earth, however, he did tell me, that while he put his
names into the bible, he did not remove The Almighty God's name from the bible, & or, the
name of his Son!

Jesus Christ!

John Knox! Scottish Protestant (Calvinist) Reformer!