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High & Low Tides? 

According to an Internet Source, High & Low Tides are caused by the moon, whose,
gravitational pull, upon the earth, and its water, cause the earth, and its water, to bulge
out on the side closest to the moon.

In thinking about this subject, I realized that, around the earth there are Tectonic Plates, and
from my
Bible Studies, I learned that there is [Molten Rock! Fiery, flaming, burning, hot, fire,
beneath the earth.
Job 28:5 & Fire! Strongs H784] and then I thought, that if the earth bulges,
then, when the earth bulges,
Tectonic Plates could open, and Earthquakes, and Volcanic Eruptions,
could occur.

Now the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apai Volcano erupted, as the earth was reaching [i.e. December
22nd 2021] the Aphelion [Abt 15th January 2022] of it's orbit around the Sun, it might be interesting,
and possibly should be interesting, to watch and see: if the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apai Volcano
erupts around about 6th February 2022 as the earth continues to travel,
in it's Elliptical Orbit, around,
The Gigantic Antennae and Camera Bearing Cables of, The Almighty God's Gigantic Sun!

I AM THAT I AM! (C) NjRout1stJanuary2022

When the Volcano erupted, at one time, I heard a "BOOM" and at another time, I [who live in
Kambah, an outer suburb of "The Australian Capital Territory" heard an "EXPLOSION"
on the
North Eastern, side of my house. The "EXPLOSION" gave me a shock, and in thinking about God,

I thought, "He does not make lighting like that!"

The Gravitational Pull of "The Moon" on the sea, might contribute to, [Storm Surges] Tsunami's!

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