Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.

The god of the world upon this earth, in the year of 2008, came into my home, entered
into my bedroom, & having, [1 Peter 5:8] with Cameras & Recording Devices Set me
up for the kill, entered into my body.

During this ordeal that I have been going through with the devil, I have learned many
things, such as:

He founded the Jehovah's Witnesses! 
Charles Taze Russell

He founded the Salvation Army!
Salvation Army

Google. Who founded the Methodist Church?
Google. John Wesley

John Wesley
I recognize John Wesley as: The god of the world upon the face of this earth!

 Having looked at pictures of Charles Wesley. 
 I recognize Charles Wesley as: The god of the world upon the face of this 

 The man who is the devil made it known to me, that he is The Pope, that he
  is all popes!

  The Almighty God's Property, The devil, has been offending against Members
  of the Human Race upon this earth, for thousands of years. 

In late 1977 or early 1978, I said to the devil, "You get out of my body, you are
not the Holy Ghost!" and this "Sex Offending" man has been bothering me for
years, and this man, was offending against me, when I was even younger, & I
happen to know that this man has even been offending against, members of my

I recognize Charles Taze Russell & Jospeh Smith as: The god of the world upon
the face of this earth!

I recognize Jesus Christ as: The god of the whorld upon the face of this earth!

Jesus Christ!

The man who is the devil is a Spiritually Blind Man! Why should the Almighty God be
allowed to let a "Spiritually Blind" man, "Rule Members of the Human Race" upon this

Ted Bundy! American Serial Killer! Kidnapper! Rapist! Burglar & Necrophile!