Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.

1Peter 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 
I had  "Absolutely, No Desire" whatsoever to be involved with the man who is the devil, however, in the year of 2008, the god of the world upon this earth, entered into my "Bedroom in a Locked & Bolted Government House" where sometime after, without my consent, he entered into my body, and he, sometime later, "PERSONALLY BEFORE A FULL LENGTH MIRROR" introduced himself to me as Jehovah, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and others, and as a result of "PERSONALLY" meeting this man, "Luke 4:5,6" I now recognize him when I see him!.

The man who is the devil, god of the world upon this earth, told me that he could not get into in my bedroom without his Radio Communication Device. I have reason to believe that the Radio Communication Device the devil was referring to is the Radio Communication Device Referred to in Luke 4:5,6. The man who is the devil, god of the world upon this earth said, "If I was standing outside of your window, I could not get into this room, without my Radio Communication Device!"

Prior to the man who is the devil, god of the world upon this earth,  entering into my bedroom in a "Locked & Bolted Government House" in the year of 2008, unbeknown to my self, I had "Locked" every devil on the earth out of my bedroom. This is how I did it! A relative of mine, who used to help me with my computer, was losing his memory, so, I could not let him come into my room, [for example] when I was out, because he might do something to my computer, and then forget what he had done, and, do damage to the computer, so, I specifically purchased a lock and put it on my bedroom door to keep him out of the room, however, unbeknown to me, that relative of mine, had been captured in the devil's snare 1 Peter 5:8, which means that, all fowls of the air had access to his body, so, when I locked him out of my bedroom, unbeknown to me, I had also locked all of those fowls of the air out of my bedroom as well! Deuteronomy 28:26 On the night of the 6th May 2008, the "INVISIBLE"man who is the devil, was in my bedroom, "Setting me up for the kill!" and without invitation from me,  HE ENTERED INTO MY BODY! He at a later date, introduced himself to me before a "FULL LENGTH MIRROR" as Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and at later dates, he manifested himselfl to me as, other  people such as Buddha, Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, Charlie Chaplain, Pharaoh Thutmose, Michael Jackson Superstar, and also as other persons. I am still endeavoring to get the devil out of my body, "Your CONTINUING prayers are appreciated, Thank You!
The god of the world on this earth, "A Rapist" repeatedly raped me in his attempts to get my Bible Studies from me, and even whilst being raped and bashed etc, etc,  by this man, I did not, and would not give this man, my Bible Studies!
I recognize, Jahangir Mughal Emperor. 1605 -1627  as the god of the world upon this earth! 
Jahangir Mughal Emperor. 1605 -1627 Jahangir .. https: //en. wikipedia. org/ wiki/Jahangir#/media/File:Prince_Salim_(the_future_Jahangir)_and_his_legendary_illicit_love.jpg
Jahangir https : // alchetron. com /Jahangir
I recognize, Ashoka The Great as the god of the world upon this earth! 
Type Portrait of Ashoka The Great into Google Search to see: Portrait of Ashoka The Great!

The god of the world on this earth, offered me a Ministry in India, on condition, I teach my Bible Studies along with Indian Teachings over, there. I refused the devil's offer!
Jesus Christ!

Cables Found "Above & Beneath" The Sun!

Noelene. Called by The Word of God, 12th December 1994
The devil is "An Invisible Man" and when he catches people in his snare, he enters into the body of the person, and he, The man who is the devil, god of the world upon this earth, looks like the person, however, on his screen that is before the person in the snare, the man who is the devil, god of the world upon this earth, is able to change [his appearance!] the appearance of the person whose body he has entered!
Now when the body of the person he is inhabiting dies, the invisible man who is the devil looks for another body to inhabit!
I recognize the following person's as The god of the world upon this earth!
Mahara Ranjit Singh 1780 -1839 Leader of the Sikh Empire.
https : // alchetron . com / Ranjit-Singh

Guru Gobind Singh https : // alchetron . com / Guru - Gobind - Singh

Guru Arjand https : // alchetron . com / Guru - Arjan

Guru Hargobind https : // alchetron . com / Guru - Hargobind
Jack Johnson BOXER! https : // alchetron . com / Jack - Johnson -(boxer)

Joe Gans BOXER! https : // alchetron . com / Joe - Gans

Robert Stack 1934 - 2003 Stack, c. 1940
https : // en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Robert_Stack#/media/File:Robert_Stack,_1940.jpg

Jessie James OUTLAW! https : // alchetron . com / Jesse - James

Bob Younger BANDIT! https : // alchetron . com / Bob - Younger

The man who is the devil, eats people in all nations, and when the man enters into the body, he
commences speaking directly into the mind of the person, person's should not communicate with
the man, or others of his kingdom, who are communicating with the person directly into the person's
The devil will tempt the person with gifts and bribes, and he can put pictures [Visions] on
the screen, before the person, as he tempts the person, and, he, a "Sexually Sensationless" person, will
also be looking for sex! What the person into whose body the devil, or devils have entered into, has
Thank "YOU" for "YOUR" CONTINUING Prayers" PLEASE!

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