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Earth Science. Biblical. 
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Psalm 105:41

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He opened the rock, and the waters gushed out; they ran in the dry places like a river. Psalm 105:41

He [ set open] opened the [tsur..strong, sharp, rock, stone] rock, and the [mayim..water, waters] waters
[zub..issue, gush out, run, flow] gushed out; they [halak..
go on, go forward, go along, run along, spread, go about, whirl, go away] ran in the [tsiyyah..drought, barren, dry, a dry place, dry land, solitary place, wilderness] dry places like a [nahar..river, flood, stream] river. Psalm 105:41

He pathach the tsur, and the mayim zub; they halak in the tsiyyah like a nahar. Psalm 105:41

He opened the rock, and the waters, flowed out, they ran along in the dry land like a river.

He brak a stoon, and watris flowiden; floodis yeden forth in the drye place. Wycliffe Psalm 104:41

He broke a stone, and water flowed; floods went forth in the dry place.

He opened the strong, sharp, rock, by smiting it..Numbers 20:11..Psalm 78:20..and water gushed out; and the water ran along the ground, and it whirled, and it spread out, and it went forward, and it went away, in the solitary, unfruitful,
drought ridden, burning with heat, and glowing, dry desert.

Deserts are hot places..Deserts are dry places..Deserts are barren places..Deserts are solitary places..Deserts glow with heat..There was water in the desert..The water that was
in the desert was stored in rock..Water can be stored..Water
can be stored in rock..Water seeps down into the earth(rock)..Psalm 65:14..Hebrews 6:7..Water is fluid (liquid)..
Water gushes..Water flows (runs)..Water spreads out..Water whirls..Water runs across dry land..The water in rivers, streams and floods seeps down into the earth (rock)..The water in rivers, streams and floods gushes..The water in rivers, streams and floods spreads out..The water in rivers,
streams and floods whirls..The water in rivers, streams and floods runs..The water in rivers, streams and floods runs across the dry land.

Water can be found in deserts..Water can be found in rock..
Water can be found in the ground.