Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.


I AM loves me. John 3:16

from the pages of the Holy Bible.
Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 20th May 2006
All rights reserved.

21 And the Mighty God created (fed as a formative process) much, greatest, mighty, long, high, (great thing), (sea) serpent, sea (marine) monster, whales, jackal, dragon, land monster, other hideous animal of the land, and every (thing, one, breath), breathing animal of vitality, (living breathing + moving) creature, fish, beast, body, person, man, mortal, life, soul, mind, will, living, that move, wriggle, active mass of minute animals, swarm, move with short steps, creep, crawl, swiftly glide, which the juice, flood, waters brought forth abundantly after their sort, kind, species, all manner of, all the people, every one, feathered, winged bird, flying, after his sort, kind, (species): and the very great and mighty God look on, (saw) that it was good, pleasant, sweet, wealth, prosperity, (beautiful). Gen 1:21