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Hebrew Word.
2723 חרב?ה chorba^h khor-ba' Feminine of 2721 חרב cho^reb kho'-reb; drought, a desolation: - place of drought, desert, (laid) waste (place), a waste, utterly waste, wasted, desolate (place, -tion), decayed place, destruction. See. Youngs Analytical Concordance.

Droughts are destructive. Jeremiah 25:11 with 2723 Droughts desolate (destroy) the land. 2723 Deserts are (decayed and desolate places) lands that have been destroyed by heat and dry (drought). Isaiah 48:21 People cannot live upon land that has been destroyed by drought. Jeremiah 44:2,22 God desolates lands in his furious anger. Jeremiah 44:6..Jeremiah Ezekiel 5:14 Why does God desolate the land? Jeremiah 44:22 God desolates land because of the evil doings of people. Jeremiah 44:22 Drought heat and dry, waste and destroy the land. Jeremiah 49:13 God wastes and destroys cities with heat dry and drought. Ezekiel 35:4 Cities are wasted and destroyed by heat dry and drought..Ezekiel 35:4..People are devastated when their cities are wasted and destroyed by drought. Ezekiek 35:4

What is a drought?
A drought is a disaster. During droughts, the soil dries out, and the land upon which crops are grown and animals graze is ruined. Droughts dry up the water in rivers, lakes, streams and dams. Droughts upset water supplies and cause animals, people, creatures, birds, and plants to die of starvation and thirst. Some droughts last for years. Droughts affect the economy of a nation. Fires and dust storms are caused by droughts. Droughts are a part of the weather upon the earth.

Types of drought.
There are three different types of droughts meteorological, hydrological, and agricultural. During a meteorological drought there is not enough rainfall for a particular period of time. During a hydrological drought the supply of water in rivers, streams, lakes and dams, is reduced, and during an agricultural drought, crops and farming are affected by both the meteorological and hydrological droughts.

Droughts affect water supplies, food supplies, livestock and farming. Problems that are caused by drought include famine and malnutrition.

Droughts happen in all climatic zones but they have various affects between each region. The impact of a drought is caused by human demand on water supplies and also the weather. Droughts are more severe during long dry spells of weather.

Rain contains nutrients which help to keep the soil rich and healthy enabling crops and grasses whose roots hold the soil together to grow. Water is needed for cleansing people, animals, birds, creatures, the atmosphere and the earth, and to quench the thirst of people, animals, birds, creatures, and the earth, and also to grow the plants, that shelter the earth with shade, and provide the nutritous foods that sustain life upon the earth. When the land dries out water supplies dry up, plants and grasses wither and die, topsoil is blown away during dust storms by the wind, raging bushfires break out, and animals lose their grazing grounds. Rainfall is critical for the survival of life upon the earth.

Cities that have been wasted and destroyed by drought can be repaired! Ezekiel 36:10

Making room upon the earth.
Easing Desertification!
Creating Work!
Making money from sand!
Manufacture machinery to move, and work with sand.
Putting sand to use.
Turn the sands of your deserts into glass and stones..Sell it to manufactures of glass, stones, and concrete..Sell it to councils to replace the sands of their beaches that are carried into the sea..There will always be money to be made from sand, because people will keep being born, and storms and earthquakes will keep ravaging the earth..There will always be mountains of sand, because the earth will always be weathered, and worn.

Turn the sands of deserts into glass and stones, pave the ground, with roads and footpaths, irrigate the land, grow crops, plants and forests, create wetlands, erect cities, and build the desolate places again.

Cleanse the souls of people, house them, employ them, &
pay Luke 10:7 them
to rebuild the wasted land. Ezekiel 36:33

Overcome desolation poverty and despair, with occupation and employment.

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