Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.

Bible & Stongs Exhaustive Concordance!

I had absolutely No Desire whatsoever to be involved with the Devil!
I did not want any men hanging around my house.
I did not want to have sex with anyone.
And since my house was Locked & Bolted, I obviously did not want to
be hurt by anyone!

In late 1977 or early 1978 I had actually told the devil to "YOU get
out of my body, YOU are NOT the Holy Ghost!"
I would actually like to use this, matter about the door to my bedroom
as evidence in a Court of Law to Defeat the Almighty God and His Son 
in a Court of Law.
The devil entered into my bedroom on the night of the 6th May 2008,
and he later entered into my body!
Now, one of my brother's, used to help me with my computer's, and he,
used to buy old computers in Canberra, at a place called Revolve, and
with bits of this and that, he would tell me how to replace this and that!
Now, he started losing his memory, and I was worried that he might come
to my home, and go into my bedroom and do something or rather to my
computer, and then, because he was losing his memory, forget what he had 
done, and damage my computer. So I purchased a lock and it was fitted to
my bedroom door to keep my brother out of the room when I was not at
Now, unbeknown to me, my brother had been captured in the devil's snare!
He had become meat to every devil upon this earth! Deuteronomy 28:26
Now, in a Court of Law, before Judges other than the Almighty God and his
Son. As far as I am concerned, when I locked my brother out of my bedroom,
I had, unbeknown to myself, locked every devil on the earth out of my besdroom,
which means that it was the Almighty God's Responsibility, and also The Son of
God's responsibility to keep the Devil out of my bedroom!
Now, when the Word of God called me to follow him in 1994, he called me, in
the bedroom where my husband had died some months before, and the devil,
immediately manifested himself in the room, in voice, and he started tempting
Now, as far as I am concerned he was trespassing in my bedroom! 
Now this man, the devil, was obviously determined to keep hanging around me.
He was told in the past to get out of my body, so he fought back and got me in
to sin, and then, he got to remain in my body, and then some judgment came upon
me, who, at this time had the responsibility of raising my son, who was only about
5 years of age.

And the devil, still hanging around me, put my little son into his snare, and he
changed his appearance! 
Now, still hanging around me in about 1985, he got me into sin again, and then 
the Almighty God or his Son, executed more judgments on me, and the devil, 
still hanging around me, got me into more sin, and he eventually got me into
a marital relationship with him. He had the man I married in the devil's snare,
which means that, unbeknown to me, he was my husband!
Now after I was called by the Word of God, here he is, in my house, and in the
very room where my husband had died, and, Tempting me!
Now he is moving around the house, but I do not really know what is going on!
And he is touching my private part, and because something was touching my
private part, I decided to look into the matter, and see what it was that was touching
my private part. So I got a mirror, about 12 inches by 10 inches, and I blue tacked
it to the door of my toilet, and I removed my knickers and I sat on the toilet and
looked at my private part, but there was nothing there, so I moved my hand around
the area, but I could not feel anything, but there was something there, because I
could feel it!
So I am obviously, going to find out what is touching my private part!
So I lay around on my bed, moving this way, and that, and I am feeling
for something in my private area, and I eventually found something, and it was in
my private part.

The devil had something in there!
Now according to the devil in 2008, The Almighty God falsely accused me of being
his enemy, when 
he executed a judgment upon me for doing what I was doing!
He wounded me in the head, he aflicted me with insanity, [he let his devils torment me in
the mind for about 7 years] 
and he let his devils rape my person, 24 hours a day for about 7
years, and in the meantime, because 
he, who had been my husband, is in my body, and
tormenting me, he is actually living in my house again!

So in 2008, the devil is back again, and he ended up in my body again, and to this day, I
am still suffering as the devil 
continues under the judgments of the Almighty God to rape
my person with his vibrating wires and devices!

Now in 2008, while the Almighty God, wounded me in the head, and charged me with
going on still in my trespasses, when his devil, was in my bedroom again, in 2008, where
he was 
going on still in his trespasses, he, The Almighty God failed to wound him, his
enemy, in the head, and remove him from my bedroom, 
then he, the devil, after hearing,
a scripture that was spoken, instead of immediatley leaving the room, entered into my body!
Now this devil paramours people, so he, being in my body is now in my bed, and he is
touching my private part with something. Now I don't want to have sex with anyone, and
he won't stop touching my private part. However I want to know, what he is doing with his
Vibrating Wires and Devices, so I decide to find out what is going on, so I said, "I may as
well get bitten by the serpent to find an Anti Venine!"
So, while he is touching my private part, I go along with what he is doing, but I am  not
having sex with him, he cannot get an erection, because these devil's have no Sexual
Sensations, so he manifests his Beautiful Self to me in mirrors, and while he is touching
me, and feeling my Sexual Sensations, I am taking notice of him, and what is going on,
and I make Packets of Love for The Almighty God.
And eventually, on about the 29th March 2009, I got up off my bed, and I walked away
from this relationship, and he couldn't stand it, so I said to him, "Accept the fact that I
loved you, treat it as a ship in the night, but I have to go now, I have something to do!"
and he said to me, "Nobody walks away from Julius Caesar!" Well I did, and I have been
copping it ever since!
I recognize the man in the picture below, as: The God of the world upon the face of this earth!
Jesus Christ!


SAMMY LITTLE! "American Serial Killer!" "RAPIST & MURDERER!" "THE MAN