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Bible & Strongs Concordance.
Eddie Leonski The Brownout Strangler. 1 Peter 5:8.
News! The Courier Mail. Wednesday May 20th 1942
Maniac Killer at large in Melbourne!
Authorities from The United States Army, even joined Victorian Detectives, in their hunt for the Killer.
A few months before Soldiers from the United States Army arrived in Australia, 242 Japanese Aircraft
had attacked Darwin, in the north of Australia, and hundreds of people were killed.

News! February 19th 1942. Darwin Bombed by Japs!
Ask a Librarian: The Brownout Strangler and Melbourne during WWII
1:02 of 7:07
Eddie Leonski, in a "Line Up," of "American Servicemen," was "Identified" as, "The Killer."
The Trial of Eddie Leonski, Serial Killer, was conducted by, The American Military, before A United
States Military Court Martial.

Leonski was sentenced to death on the 17th July 1942, The sentence was appealed. However, General
Douglas Macarthur, rejected the appeal, and confirmed the death. General Douglas Macarthur signed
the order of the execution, to ensure, that Leonski paid for his crimes!

General Douglas Macarthur (1880 -1964). Commanded the south west Pacific in World War ll, (1939-

Brigadier General Macarthur at St Juvin, Ardennes, France.

Eddie Leonski
A Serial Killer during World War II and the Battle of Brisbane: Americans in Australia (WW2)
THE SINGING STRANGLER (Eddie Leonski) Part 2
Melbourne, Australia! WW2 1942! The Smiling Psychopathic, Serial Killer, USA Army Soldier!
Eddie Leonski The Brownout Strangler! Executed in Australia!

Type The Brownout Strangler into Google Search, to see: more pictures of: The Brownout Strangler,
Eddie Leonski!

The devil is a murderer, and the devil is a liar, Jn 8:44 and since he is in the body of Eddie Leonski.
he can speak out of the mouth of Eddie Leonski, and since he is a Liar, he can speak lies out of the
mouth of Eddie Leonski.

Eddie Leonski was Executed at HM Prison Pentridge.
Eddie Leonski was hanged at Pentridge Prison 9th November 1942
Pentridge Prison, Melbourne, Australia.

The COMPELLING Execution Of Eddie Leonski - America's WW2 Serial Killer In Australia
Possible Cable of The Sun. 0.02 of 9:52 of this Movie.

The man who is the devil, manifested himself to me as Adolph Hitler.
Adolph Hitler 4:45 to 04:47 of 9:52
Two of the three women murdered by Eddie Leonski, resemble Bettie Davis! See the two women
on the left of the pictures in the movie, here! 4:42 of 9:52

The long delay between sentence and execution was occasioned by the necessity to secure the
approval of the court-martial sentence from Washington before execution.


Now, it was the night of the 6th May 2008, it was after 10pm, and by this time, the devil had
captured me in his snare, I had come back into my bedroom, and locked the door behind me,
but unbeknown to me, I had locked the man who is the devil in the bedroom with me!

Now, I got into bed, and as I was lying there, the "Sexually Sensationless" man who is the devil
started touching my private part, with his Vibrating Device, so I said to the man, "Would you turn 
that device of please?" and it was turned off, and then it was turned on again, and again I said
"Would you turn off 
that device please?"  and then it was turned off, and then it was turned back on
and left on, and the man who is 
the devil, speaking to someone, said, "Why were the Devices turned
on? There is no sexual sin in the woman?
Now recently, not so long ago, The Almighty God, brought his "Wires and Devices" of his sun,
through the corner of the room, and 
he said to the man who is the Devil, "I know who you are, and
I know what you are doing, I can feel you!"

Now on the night of the 6th May 2008, when the Devil's "Vibrating  Devices" were left running
within the private part, 
of my body, I did not want to have sex with the man, however, I said, "O
well, I may as well get bitten by the serpent to 
find an Anti Venine," and I proceeded, along with
the Pharoah Thutmose to conduct a Medical Investigation into what 
the man was doing with his
Vibrating Devices!

Now the man who is the devil captured Eddie Leonski in his snare, but when I do not know, and it
may have been 
before he came to Australia.

Now the invisible man, who is [Eddie Leonski] the devil, is smiling, well, he is happy, he is visible
now, he is 
someone now, and people can see him, and he has Sexual Sensations, he can now "Feel
and Enjoy" the Sexual 
Sensations of his prisoner, Eddie Leonski!
And every devil on the earth, male and female, Deut 28:26 can now tune into the devil's snare, and
talk to the man who is the devil, but, people cannot hear them talking to one another, however Eddie
Leonski can hear them, and, they can even be, unseen to human eyes, torturing the man, Eddie
Leonski, in the devil's snare, in the presence of The People!
Now the man who is the devil, might not be bothered about being hanged, because with him in the
snare, is Eddie Leonski, 
and "INVISIBLE" devil's, who do not have to die, for Leonski's sins, might
be happy to get out of the snare, and "Watch and Enjoy," the hanging of, Eddie Leonski!

God is light in my bedroom.

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