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What Makes The Wind Blow?

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24 By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth? Job 38:24

By what way is the [or..sun, light] light [chalaq..part, be parted, divide, be divided, separate self, take away a portion, be portioned] parted, which [ puts..drive, shake to pieces, break in pieces, cast abroad, scatter, be scattered, be scattered abroad, be spread abroad..be dispersed] scattereth the east wind upon the earth?..Job 38:24..Light can be divided (parted).

Q. What is wind?
Wind is ruach which is air, breath, wind. The air, breath, wind, vapour that surrounds the earth, which contains coloured atoms, and which is called the atmosphere, is made up of a combination of gases.

A. Wind is the moving of the gases and vapours (atmosphere) which surround/s the earth.

Light scatters gases and vapours around the earth. Light moves the atmosphere which surrounds the earth.

Q. How does light [make the wind blow] scatter  gases and vapours [the Atmosphere] around the earth?

Light travels to the earth from the sun..Gen 1:14-18..The sun is hot..Ex 16:21..1 Sam 11:9..Neh 7:3..Psa 19:4-6 ..Matt 13:6..Mk 4:6..James 1:11..Rev 16:8,9..and light is hot..Ps 78:48..Heat causes water to evaporate, break into pieces (become vapour)..Job 24:19..Job 6:15-17..Prov 3:20..Ps 74:15..Shadows lower the temperature upon the earth..Isa 4:6..Isa 25:4,5..and cold, the lack of heat, causes water to evaporate more slowly..Cold, slows down the process of evaporation..Job 29:19..Job 6:15-17..Vapour has weight..Job 28:25..Things that have weight press down..Amos 2:13..Cold vapour sinks..Job 6:15-17..and warm vapour rises..Job 6:15-17 .. There are shadows upon the earth..Judges 9:36..Job 40:22..Ps 80:10..Isa 4:6..Isa 32:2..Ezek 17:23..Mk 4:32..and there are shadows over the sea..Isa 25:5..1 Kings 18:44..Shaded areas of the earth, and the sea, are cooler than areas of the earth, and the sea that are exposed to full sunlight.

What makes the wind blow?
The heat of the sun warms the surface of earth and its waters and seas, and causes liquid water to change into vapour (break into pieces) and the pieces of water rise up, and into the amosphere, and other pieces of water from the areas of the earth that have been kept cool by the lack of heat (shade), are forced by pressure to move into the spaces left behind by the warmer rising air..wind (vapours). [In my recent studies of the Earth's Elliptical Orbit around the Sun, within my films, I discovered that the Sun is continually raining [spraying] "mist and coins" down, and over, the continually whirling Earth. This Spraying of "mist and coins" down, and over, the continually whirling earth, and also the rotation of the Earth, and the movement of the seas, and the waves of the sea, help to make, the wind blow.]

Hot light from the sun scatters gases and vapours, wind upon the earth..Job 38:24..Ps 107:25..Hot light from the sun scatters gases and vapours upon earth, by warming the earth, the air above it, and the surface of the waters that are upon the earth.

What makes the wind blow?
A. Heat and cold, "mist and coins" being sprayed upn the earth by the Sun, falling matter, the movement of water, the sea, and it 's waves, and the rotation of the earth, make the wind blow.

Water (liquids) can be broken into pieces.. Prov 3:20..Psa 74:15..
Water that has been broken into pieces is called gas, steam, (mist) Genesis 2:6

Wind abrades mountains. Mountains are also abraded with, 'mist and  coins" that are "continually" being sprayed upon the earth by the Sun.

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