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Isa 54:5  For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the
Holy One of 
Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called. 

I had "Absolutely NO Desire, Whatsoever" to be involved with the devil!
I did not want any men hanging around my house.
I did not want to be married to anyone, other than the Almighty God.
I did not want to have sex with anyone!
However, in 2008 the "INVISIBLE" man who is the devil, came into my house, and he came into
my bedroom, 
and he, without invitation from me, entered into my body, and he ended up in my bed,
where, he began to 
"Touch My Private Part!"
Anyway, he was touching my private part with some sort of vibrating device, and I said to him,
like!]  "Would you turn that device off please!" and he turned it off for a while, and then
he turned it on again, 
and the devil, who was obviously "Reading My Mind" at the time, later said to
someone, "Why were the devices 
turned on? There is no sexual sin in her!"
I asked the "INVISIBLE" man who is the devil, a couple of times, to turn the devices off, and they
were turned 
off, and then, they were turned on again, and left on!
At the time, I am a widow, and I about 64 years old.
Now I did not want to have sex with anyone, however this fellow is in my body, and he is in my bed,
and he is 
touching my private part, and he began manifesting himself to me in mirrors! And he said
to me, "I can do it, 
I know how to do it!" And he said that to me a couple of times.
Now, I did not want to have sex with this person, however, in the past, whilst making love with my
I had become aware of a vibrating wire through the clitoral area of my body. So I said to
this person, or to 
myself, "O well, I may as well get bitten by the serpent to find an Anti Venine."
And I then commenced, to 
conduct, a Medical Investigation into what was going on, with "Would
you believe it!" Pharoah Thutmose III.

Eventually, I got up out of my bed, and I said. "I have to go now, I've got something to do!" And, he
furious, and he said, "No one walks away from Julius Caesar, and gets away with it!"
And I said, "Accept the fact that I loved you, treat it as a ship in the night! I've got to go!" However,
it was 
Now as a result of being involved in this close relationship, with "THE GOD OF THE WORLD ON
EARTH" I am able to recognize him, when I see him, here and there!
Now, "THE GOD OF THE WORLD ON THIS EARTH" told me that, every time a human being is
born into the 
world on this earth, The Almighty God puts, [A kingdom of devil's] an ID into that body!
The ID is low, but if the person becomes a sinner to '?A Serious Degree?" the indwelling devil, can
get power 
over the sinner, and "EAT" 1 Peter 5:8 that person, so, not every one I see, is the [i.e.]
GOD, that person might 
just be ["i.e] a man, [or a woman!? Not easy to notice!].
And, the "GOD OF THE WORLD UPON THIS EARTH" said to me, "Whenever you see me,
I am eating someone!" 

I was on the Internet the other day, and, I saw, The Devil!

Abraham Thornton.
I recogize this man as: Lucifer, god of the world upon this earth! Lke 4:5,6

AbrahamThornton.CrayonMannerEngravingBy.W.T. Fry,1818.Purchasedby&Copyright(C)byNoeleneJoyRout15thAug2022

 Ashford v Thornton. 
The Case! William Ashford v Abraham Thornton.
Mary Ashford "Found Dead!" 27th May 1817!

Mary Ashford.

The body of 20 year old, Mary Ashford, was found in a water-filled pit near Penns Lane, Sutton
Coldfield, on the 27th May
Lord Ellenborough (Lord Chief Justice)
I recognize Lord Ellenborough (Lord Chief Justice) as:
the god of the world upon this earth! Lke 4:5,6

Edward Law,1st Baron Ellenborough1750-1818Copyright(C)by

John Bayley Charles Abbott George Holroyd
Trial by Battle.
The Bizarre & Horrifying Case of Mary Ashford.
Abraham Thornton! 2:51 of 18:27
Judge. Sir George Sowley Holroyd. 12:28 to 13:15 of 18:27
Lord Ellinburrough. Lord Chief Justice. 15:40 to 16:04 of 18:27
I recognize
Judge. Sir George Sowley Holroyd, as:The god of the world up;on this earth. Lke 4:5,6

George Sowley Holroyd Copyright(C)byNoeleneJoyRout.9.54am.15thAug2022
Penns Lane.
Sutton Coldfield.
Tyburn House.
The Trinity Church.
Castle Bromwich.
County Hall, Warwick
Westminster Hall
Mary Ashford
Abraham Thornton
Doctor Friar.
William Jennings,
Joe Holdings. Milkman
John Holden
John Heydon. Gamekeeper
William Reader.
Thomas Dales. Local Constable.
William Bedford. Magistrate
Francis Hacket. Local Magistrate
George Sowley Holroyd.Sir English Lawyer & Justice of the Kings Bench.
Lord Ellenborough.
Joseph Chitty.
Wilful Murder!
Bad publicity was written about clients.
Body believed drowned, was found in a water - filled pit.

Trial by Battle, England.
Mary Ashford was buried in Trinity Church, Sutton Coalfield.
Thornton Emmigrated to the United States and became a bricklayer.

George Sowley Holroyd
Contributor: The History Collection / Alamy Stock Photo
Date taken:29 August 2008

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George Sowley Holroyd Copyright(C)byNoeleneJoyRout.9.54am.15thAug2022
Webage Copyright by Noelene Joy Rout 15th August 2022


Mary Ashford Farm Servant.
AbrahamThornton.CrayonMannerEngravingBy.W.T. Fry,1818.Purchasedby&Copyright(C)

Abraham ThorntonEngraving.W.T. Fry,1818.PurchasedfromAlam15Aug2022.
Abraham Thornton.
Rumours that witnesses and jurymen had been paid off by his father were rife.. etc,

..something less tangible but equally notable – an aloof confidence, which had so struck the
newspaper journalists
who saw him in court that they remarked on it in their reports.
When meeting the god of the world upon this earth, I noticed that he was a Proud Man, I suppose that
could be recognized as being "ALOOF!"

Now, the male and female devil's, "who enjoy hurting people" [Well, the devil. as he was
biting and ripping pieces from my flesh, said to me, "I enjoy my work! (They are the rotters and
de-composers of sinful, members of the human race! Deut 28:26) and he also said, "I am happy
if I can get one scab!"] being a "Sexually Sensationless" people would probably not want [if he
was the perpetrator!] Abraham Thornton put to death because they can gain a lot of pleasure
and entertainment from "SECRETLY" hurting and raping him, and they can also take "Sexual
Sensations' from his body, "One at a Time," and they can store these "Sexual Sensations" in
their storage devices to enjoy later!
Now these "Sexually Sensationless" devils who fight over Sexual Sensations, "Mass Rape"
human beings, and they can become "One Person" and they can "Mass Rape" as "One Person"
and then they divide, and everything that happened, is then divided into billions, and all of
the male and female devils then have their own copies of the events that took place, and they
can see [re-live] the events again, and they can "Feel and Enjoy" doing, these things over
and over again, within their own minds, or from their "Storage Devices" at later dates!
And these devil's get to keep copies of the "Contents of the Mind" of the Perpetrater, they get
years and years of knowledge, and other people's business, and Copyrighted and Patented works,
that have been taken into the Perpetraters mind, etc, etc, and they can copy ideas from the
perpetraters mind to use at later dates. They see all of the people the perpetrater has seen, they
get information, such as names and addresses that they can look into or use later, and what they
get from the mind, and what they can do with it, goes on, and on, and on.
Now the devil knew that I had been a [Singer, Entertainer] Vocalist in his world, and he knew,
that I had worked in Clubs and Hotels, and devil's [and these devil's are within people's bodies
in every nation upon this earth!] told me, that when I went to a Club, I only noticed i.e. this,
and that, which was around me, but, when reading the mind, they study every thing, they look
closely at everything, and everyone, they even listen to conversations that were taking place
away from me, and they can turn up the voices, to hear what, or who, the people were talking
about! And, they store this information, in their Storage Devices! And if they really want to
know something, or someone, they can take note of a person within i.e. your mind, find the
person in their worldy records, i.e. Lke 4:5,6,and go to that person and try to EAT IT" 1
Peter 5:8 for the purpose of, "Gaining Access" to the contents of, that person's mind!

God of the world upon this earth! Lke 4:5,6
Prince Joachim of Prussia

The Murder of Mary Ashford. The Crime That Changed Legal History by Naomi Clifford
Edward Law, 1st Earl of Ellenborough,_1st_Earl_of_Ellenborough
English: Portrait of Edward Law,
1st Baron Ellenborough (1750-1818) . first exhibited in 1806.
818 Lord-ellenborough

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Edward Law,1st Baron Ellenborough1750-1818Copyright(C)byNoeleneJoyRout.10.28am15thAug2022
Portrait of Edward Law,
1st Baron Ellenborough (1750-1818), M.P., Lord Chief Justice of England (1750-1818),

three-quarter-length, in judicial robes with his chain of office,_1st_Baron_Ellenborough#/media/File:Lord-ellenborough.jpg
Edward Law, 1st Baron Ellenborough 1750 - 1818 Lord Chief Justice of England 1750 - 1818,_1st_Baron_Ellenborough


Mary Ashford, found dead in a pit near Birmingham, 1817 59 Ashford1
Contributor:The Picture Art Collection / Alamy Stock Photo
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