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The Hydrogen Cycle.

Earth Science.Biblical. 
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The Hydrogen Cycle.
From the pages of the Holy Bible.

Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 26th August 2004
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All of the water upon the earth comes from, and returns to, the sea..Amos 5:8..Amos 9:6..Ecclesiastes

Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen..Water (Hydrogen and oxygen) falls out of the atmosphere,
and soaks into the earth..Hebrews 6:7..There is hydrogen and oxygen in soil (the earth).

Grapes are [, moist] moist..Numbers 6:3..Grapes are fruit..John 15:5..Grapes (fruit) contain/s
water, liquid (juice..Genesis 40:11..Grapes grow on plants (vines) that take water (hydrogen and oxygen)
from the soil through their roots..Leviticus 19:10..Job 15:33..S of S 2:13..S of S 7:12..Matthew 13:6..
Mark 4:6..There is leshad, water Luke 8:6..Numbers 6:3..Leviticus 2:14..(hydrogen and oxygen) in plants..
Fruit (grapes) contain/s hydrogen and oxygen.

People, birds, animals, and creatures take water (hydrogen and oxygen) into their bodies through the
foods they eat and the liquids they drink (eat plants, and sometimes one another)..Hydrogen and oxygen
in fluids and waste matter is released into the earth and the atmosphere from the bodies of people, birds,
animals, and creatures, during excretion..Eg: Sweating, breathing, crying, spitting, cleaning your nose,
using the toilet, sneezing, and coughing.

Water (hydrogen and oxygen) is taken up and into the atmosphere from the earth and its waterways by
the energy of the sun, and the water (hydrogen and oxygen) condenses into clouds, and is returned to the
earth during "The Water Cycle".

Hydrogen is moving in a cycle..Hydrogen moves from the sea to the atmosphere, to the earth and its
waterways, through plants, people, birds, animals, and creatures, to the earth and the atmosphere, and
then back again to the sea..Amos 5:6..Amos 9:8..Ecclesiastes 1:7

The cycle that Hydrogen is moving in is called "The Hydrogen Cycle."