Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.

Job 12:16 .. the deceived and the deceiver are his.
Google. What is a serious indictable offence?
Answer. Aggravated Assault occasioning bodily harm is a Serious Indictable offence, & Sexual
Assault is a
Serious indictable offence! etc,
Anyway, the "INVISIBLE" man who is The Devil, a Dangerous, Violent, Murdering, Perverse,
Foul Mouthed,
Sex Offending Man, The Almighty God's Property, Job 12:16 in the year of 2008,
is within my Locked and
Bolted Government House, and he has entered into my bedroom, where,
setting me up for he kill, 1 Peter 5:8
he, without invitation from me, has entered into my body, The
Temple of God.

I have been bashed, beaten, bitten, belittled, insulted, abused, humiliated, degraded, and repeatedly
raped, etc,
etc, and to this day, and with prayers all over me, I am still waiting, for The Almighty God,
to remove his,
"Criminal Property" from my body!
Now, this Sex Offending INVISIBLE Man, was in my bedroom, in a Locked Government House
when I was
a liitle girl?

And, this Sex Offending INVISIBLE Man The Almighty God's, "Criminal Property" was in my
bedroom, in a
Locked Government House when I was a 14 year old girl, and THIS DIRTY OLD
OF A SEXUAL NATURE TO ME, and I could not tell my mother,
that there was a DIRTY OLD MAN IN MY
DANGEROUS, SEX OFFENDER, The Almighty God's, "Criminal Property"

Now, to get me into that bedroom, when I was 14 years of age, I believe that this, DELUDED, DIRTY,
MAN, was of the opinion, that I, along with, three of my brothers, were his children, John 8:44
N.O.W! Medical
Evidence will prove, that Ernest Edward Rout was my father, and NOT, THIS
OLD, MAN, The Almighty God's,"Criminal Property" broke my
father's laws, and he took us out of Religious
Institutions, where our father had placed us, and I have
reason to believe, that "DEFINITELY" one of my Brothers,
perished, LOST ETERNAL LIFE, and
lots of other things happened to us, and also to Society, as a result of us
being taken out of those
homes, and I believe, that someone has to be held accountable for what happened to us,
and also to
Society, as a result of us being removed from those homes, and I believe "That Someone," is The
God, and that is because, THE DIRTY, OLD, MAN, WHO IS THE DEVIL, IS HIS
so, I believe that it is The Almighty God's Responsibility to keep
his eyes on his, "INVISIBLE" "Crimanal Property" and
what he is getting up to, and "NOT OURS!"
Now, This Sex Offending INVISIBLE Man was in my bedroom in a Locked House when I was abt 33
years of
age, and I said to this person, "You get out of my body, you are not the Holy Ghost!"
And, this Sex Offending INVISIBLE Man was again, sometime later, in my Locked House in New
South Wales,
where I was raising my child.
And, this Sex Offending INVISIBLE Man was in my Locked and bolted Government House in 1994,
and again, in 2008,
and I have had a gut full of it!

Even an Armed Policeman, or an Army of Armed Policemen, if he, or they, were, called into my
"Locked and Bolted
Government House" on the morning of the 12th December 1994, to help me,
could not see, hear, and or shoot, this
Dangerous,Violent, Murdering, Perverse, Foul Mouthed, Sex
Offending, INVISIBLE, Dirty, Old, Man, who is the devil,
and carry him, off, The Property!
Now, in the past, there was this man in my house in Queanbeyan, and as he was leaving, he started,
groping at me, so I backed off, and I opened the front door, and he left, and that is how I dealt with
that, and then again, in about 2007, there was this man, whom I had gotten to do some work on my
computer, and he was in my house, and he started groping me, so I got his arms off me, and I paid
him and led him to the door, and he left, that is how I dealt with that man, and I never got him to do
any work on my computer again.
Now, on the 12th December 1994, after The Word of God, called me and I was drawn with "LOVE"
to follow him, the INVISIBLE, man who is the devil, manifested in voice, in my bedroom, and he
spoke to me, now, I could not see him, so, I don't know what he looked like, I don't know where he
was, I dont know what nationality he was, I could not see if he was, carrying weapons, well, he has
arms and legs, and teeth. Now this man started touching my private part, he was committing
Sexual Offences against me, but there is no one in the room, I cannot see anyone anywhere, so I
cannot deal with the problem in the manner that I dealt with the problems, that I had with those two
groping men, in the past, I could not back off, and I did not get my "JEMMY" and threaten the man,
and tell him to get out of the house, because the man who is the devil is "INVISIBLE!" however,
I am interested in, what it is that is touching my private part, so, I got a mirror about 12 inches
long and 14 inches wide, and I blue tacked the mirror, to the toilet door, and I lowered my
pants, and sat on the toilet seat, I started looking at my private part, and I moved my hand about
my private part, and I am trying to see what it is that is touching my private part. And eventually,
wanting to find out what was touching my private part, I laid on my bed, and I laid here and there,
and I am moving my body around, and I am trying to find, what it is that is touching my private
part, Now, I did not feel Sexual Sensations, because I was not doing that sort of thing, I am looking
for something.
My Jemmy, that used to hang, on the back of my bed!

Now what the Almighty God, or his Son did to me, was wound me in the head, he afflicted me with
insanity "Voices talking to you in your head" [Voices of the devil, they do that to you!] and The
Almighty God or his Son, let the devils, touch the fore part of my private part for a period of about 7
years. Now I believe those judgments were "UNJUST" I was only looking for something, and there
were reasons why I was doing that.
Now these devil's were allowed to "Feel and Enjoy" my Sexual Sensations for about 7 years, I did
not "Feel and Enjoy" any Sexual Sensations, I was only looking for something, and I was looking in
my Private Cavity, well, I was not looking, I was moving about, and I did find something, I believe the
devil had inserted something into the Cavity of my Private Part, "THAT IS RAPE" and the devils were
allowed for about 7 years to touch my private part, at the fore part, and, "Feel and Enjoy" my Sexual
Sernsations. Again, I believe, that judgment was not just!
Thank You for Your continuing Prayers please. Noelene Joy Rout. 31st August 2022


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