Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.

I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to be involved with [The Devil] Occultism, and in 1994 & again in 2008
the devil came into my home and bothered me, and I have suffered, and suffered, as a result of the devil, coming
into my home and bothering me.
I used to have this crowbar, hanging on the back of my bed, and it was there for my protection! Example: If any 
man had broken into my house, I could use the crowbar to protect myself, and threaten the man, that I would hit
him or something, if he did not leave the house.
Now in 1994, and 2008, my right to "Defend and Protect My Self" was taken away from me, when the man who
is the devil came into my home and bothered me, and that is because, the man who is  devil is an invisible
man, and in 1994, as he was "TRESPASSING" within my Locked and Bolted Government house where he was
touching my private part, and committing other offences against me, I could not threaten him, or protect myself
from him, because the man who is the devil is hidden behind a Veil of Invisibility!"

As the man who is the devil and I were laying [by now it was 2008 and he had gained entry into my body!] on
my bed, the man who is the devil, told me that, if he was standing outside of my window, he could not get into
my house without his Radio Communication System.

I have reason to believe  that, the "Radio Communication System" he was referring to is the "Radio
Communication System" the he, the devil, used to take the Son of God up onto an high hill where he showed him
all of the Kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. A Radio Communication System, I believe? that was given
to him by The Almighty God, to run "HIS" world upon this earth. Luke 4:5,6

My Crowbar!

Crowbar.(C)NjRout27thJuly2022 002
In the year of 2008, the man who is the devil, came back  into my home, where, setting me up for the kill 1 Peter
5:8, he gained entry into my body.
Sometime later, before a full length mirror, he introduced himself to me as: Jehovah and also Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ!

Lyon's Window!
Mircea the Elder. Fresco in the Episcopal Church of Curtea de Argeș.

MYKCJ3Mircea the Elder.Copyright (C)NoeleneJRout1.35am28thJuly2022
God of the world upon the face of this earth. Luke 4:5,6

Mircea the Elder. Fresco in the Episcopal Church of Curtea de Argeș
The man who is the devil wanted my Bible Studies, I did not, and would not, give
the man who is the devil, my Bible Studies!.

God of the world upon this earth! Luke 4:5,6

Basarab the Old.

Basarab the Old.Copyright (C)NoeleneJRout1.35am28thJuly2022
God of the world upn this earth. Luke 4:5,6
Vlad the Impaler. Portrait of Vlad III, known as Vlad the Impaler or
Vlad Dracula (c.1428/31-1476/77), who was ruler of Wallachia three times.
Painting, oil on canvas, mid 16th century.
Vlad the Impaler.1428/31-1476/77Copyright(C)NJRout28thJuly2022

Vlad the Impaler.142831-147677Copyright(C)NJRout28thJuly2022

The man who is the devil, along with other male, and female members, of his
kingdom, gods, are still within my body, [the devil still has me in his snare!].
So I have to keep prayers all over myself, and also over my family members, as
well, Please and Thank You. Noelene Joy Rout 4.20am 28th July 2022
I keep separate, and I have been doing that for a long time now, as the devil continues
his war against me.
I have learned a lot about these [gods] people, since they have been within, and continue.
to be within, my body, walking and talking within me, along with Members of the Kingdom
of God!
Luk 17:20  And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God 
come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: 
Luk 17:21  Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within

God in "YOUR" Home! God is LIGHT!

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