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What are some of the things that the Holy Bible tell me about, HAIL?
(C) Copyright by Noelene Rout 14th July 2002
All Rights Reserved

Q..What is hail?..My concordance says hail stone is eben, eben barad, which is a stone of ice..Hail is ice,
Hail is stones of ice..In my concordance ice is, cold, frost, ice, qorach, qerach..Qorach is ice, and
qerach is frost, ice..If ice is cold, and hail is ice, and hail is stones of ice, then, hail is cold ice..A..Hail is
stones of cold ice.

Q..What is ice?..Let us have a look at Job 6:15-17 to see what ice is..My brethren have dealt deceitfully as
a brook, and as the stream of brooks they pass away;..Which are blackish by reason of the ice, and
wherein the snow is hid:..What time they wax warm, they vanish:..When it is hot, they are consumed out
of their place:..In these three scriptures we can see that, ice is water, ice is cold, and ice is frozen water..
If hail is stones of cold ice, and ice is frozen water, then, hail is stones of frozen water.

Q..Where does hail come from?..Hail falls from clouds..Hail stones fall from thick clouds..Ps 18:12..Q..
What is a cloud?..For he maketh small the drops of water: they pour down rain according to the vapour
thereof:..Which the clouds do drop and distil upon man abundantly..Job 36:27,28..The clouds are the
dust of his feet..Nah 1:3..A..Clouds are billions of small drops of water which are clinging to tiny particles
of matter and balancing in the sky..Job 36:27,28..Nah 1:3..Job 37:16..Where do clouds come from?..
Clouds come from water that was once on the earth..How do I know that clouds come from water that
was once on the earth?..Dew comes from the clouds..The clouds drop down dew..Prov 3:20..Dew is
water that was once on the earth..Judges 6:37-40..and which was heated by the warmth of the sun..
Matt 13:6..Mk 4:6..James 1:11..Job 16:17,15-17..Job 24:19..Isa 18:4..and which changed states..Job 6:17,
15-17..and became clouds of water vapour..Isa 18:4..which appeared on the earth for a short time..James
4:14..before they [passed away..Hos 13:3] vanished..Job 6:17,15-17..and went up..Ex 16:14..into the
atmosphere..Gen 2:6..Ps 135:7..Jer 10:13..Jer 51:16..where, when cooled, they condensed out of the
atmosphere around tiny particles of matter, and formed clouds..Job 36:27,28..Dew is, part of the water
cycle..A..Hail comes from water vapour that travelled all the way from earth to the clouds..At the
brightness that was before him his thick clouds passed hailstones..Ps 18:12..Raindrops fall from clouds,
and wind which is continually whirling about..Ecles 1:6..carries the rain drops back up into the cold
atmosphere where they freeze, and more water condenses onto them, as the hailstones fall, the wind
keeps carrying them up, and more water condenses onto them, until finally, they are too heavy for the
wind to lift, and they fall to the ground as hail.

Hail storms can be grievous..Ex 8:18..Isa 28:2..during hailstorms there is wind, rain, thunder, and
lightning..Ex 9:23,29,33,34..Ps 105:32..Ezek 13:11..and hail rains from the sky..Ex 8:18..Ps 105:32..
Hailstones can be big..Ezek 13:11,13..Hailstones can be big and heavy..Rev 16:21..Hail falls in forests..
Isa 32:19..Hail falls on people..Ex 9:22..Hailstones can kill people..Josh 10:11..Hail falls on animals..
Ex 9:22..Ps 78:48..Hail falls on plants..Ex 9:22..Ex 10:15..Ex 9:25..Hail can break trees..Ex 9:25..Hail
can destroy vines..Ps 78:47..Hail sweeps things away..Isa 28:17..God rained hail upon the land of
Egypt..Ex 9:22,23