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The heavens will vanish.

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A bible study.

Heavens will vanish.
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6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath: for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall wax old like a garment, and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner: but my salvation shall be for ever, and my righteousness shall not be abolished. Isaiah 51:6

the [shamayim..heaved up things, air, to be lofty, aloft, visible arch where the clouds are moved, the sky, heaven, space.] heavens shall [ rub to pieces, pulverize, vanish away, to dissappear as dust, temper together, to (season with, rub with) salt, season.] vanish away like [ashan..dust, vapour, (be on a) smoke, smoking, anger.] smoke, Isaiah 51:6

There is salt in the air..There is salt in space..The air rubs..The air moves..Moving air is wind..Winds rub..The air rubs to pieces..Winds rub to pieces..The air pulverizes..Winds pulverize..Hurricanes, and tornadoes (whirling winds) pulverize the earth..The air vanishes away..Winds vanish away..Dust vanishes..The air is tempered together..The air rubs with salt..Winds rub with salt..The air abrades..Wind abrades..Rocks and the earth are worn down (abraded) by the air..The earth and its rocks are worn down by erosion..Winds are abrasive..Dust disappears into the air..There is dust in the air..Air disappears into air..Air is atmis which is vapour..Vapour disappears into vapour..Vapour disappears into the air..Smoke vanishes into the air..Anger vanishes away.

There is salt in space..Salt is made when chlorine and sodium are combined..There is sodium and chlorine in space..Space rubs..Space is moving..Heat and cold cause winds to blow..There is heat and cold in space..There are winds in space..The winds that are in space rub..The winds that are in space rub to pieces..Space pulverizes.. Within space things are pulverized..There are whirling winds in space..Space vanishes away..Winds in space vanish away..There is vapour and dust in space..Vapour and dust vanish in space..Space is tempered together.. Space rubs with salt..Space is moving..Space abrades..Within space winds abrade rock..Eg: the earth is in space, and the earth is a rock..There are rocks within space..Rocks and the earth are worn down (abraded) by space..Rocks within space are worn down by abrasion..Dust disappears into space..Space disappears into space..Space is made of arabah, Psalm 68:4..shachaq..Psalm 89:6, 37 (a mixture of mingled vapours and dust).

Space is sterile..Space is a plain..Space is a wilderness..Space is a desert..Space is a textured covering..There is alcohol in space..It is evening (dark) in space. See: arabah, and shachaq.

The stars are in space..Deuteronomy 1:10..Stars are in galaxies.
Lets substitute the word galaxy in the place of space to see what happens.
Galaxies are sterile..Galaxies are plains..Galaxies are wildernesses..Galaxies are deserts..Galaxies are textured coverings..There is alcohol in galaxies..It is evening (dark) in galaxies. See: arabah.

Chlorine: is a nonmetallic element. Chlorine is a greenish yellow heavy pungent, poisonous gas, that has an irritating, choking smell.

There are nonmetallic elements in space..There are heavy pungent poisonous gases in space..There are smells in space..There are irritating, choking, smells in space.

Chlorine is used in pesticides, polymers, disinfectants, bleaching powders, and solvents for dry cleaning. Chlorine is also used to kill dangerous bacteria in water. Chlorine is prepared in laboritories by oxidising concentrated hydrochloric acid. Chlorine is mostly manufactured by the electrolysis of salt water (brine).

Sodium: soft silvery white metallic alkaline element.

There are metallic elements in space..There are alkaline elements in space.

Arabah: mixed cloud, heaven, plain, a desert, wilderness, sterile valley of the Jordan, champaign, evening. From arab in the sense of sterility.

Shachaq..the firmament, sky, heaven, a thin (cloud, vapour), a powder (as beaten small), small dust.

Within space, rocks are pulverized to small dust.

Any errors within my bible studies are definitely not intentional.
This bible study is a searching of a scripture and words.