Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.

Psa 68:21  But God shall wound the head of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of
such an one as goeth on still in his trespasses. 

On the 1st May 2008, The Almighty God's enemy, the devil, a liar & a murderer (Jn 8:44)
god of the world upon this earth, m
anifested himself, as a dead man, in a doorway of my
"Locked & Bolted Government House!"

The dead man, was a man who had been "Legally Removed" from "MY" [NOT HIS!],
Government House! He was a Murderer, he had killed two people in the past. He was a
Liar, a Thief, an Adulterer, a "Peeping Tom" a Rapist, an Alcohlic, and (whatosever other,
i.e., etc, etc?)

As the "INVISIBLE" murdering devil was standing there, "TRESPASSING" in the doorway,
with the intention, of killing me, and eating me alive, and stealing all of my property, & also my
Bible Studies from me, he, The Almighty God, did not wound his enemy, the devil, in the head,
and get rid of him, and, as a result of that, things went on from there!

Now in about late 1977 or early 1978, I had said to the devil, [who had been speaking in tongues
from out of my mouth!]  in the manse of a Pentecostal House, "You get out of my body, you are
"NOT" the Holy Ghost!

Now, if I did not want him, the devil, in my body, then, I did not want him in the body of my son,
who, at this time was under my custody, a Law which had been enforced by the Local Court!

Unbeknown to me, the devil had placed my young son, who was about 5 years of age, in his snare,
and he had been hurting him, and he has been interferring in his life, and hurting him to this day!
And, he had been wilfully getting my son, into trouble! [He, the devil, later admitted that he had
been doing that, and he even said to me, sometime ago, "I got your Cnt son!]

Now while I did not know that the devil had placed my son into his snare, when I said to the devil
"You get out of my body, you are "NOT" the Holy Ghost, I believe it was somebodies responsibility
to know that, if I did not want the devil in my body, then I "OBVIOUSLY, DID NOT WANT

Mursi girls begin stretching their lips when they are teenagers! The girls lower teeth are supposedly
removed, to make room for the plate, which is increased in size each year!

Mursi woman inserts giant lip plate - Omo Valley Southern Ethiopia
https : // www . you tube . com /watch?v=lQu0JyhOCss

Extreme Lip Plates on Suri Women | Tribe | Earth Unplugged
https : // www . you tube . com /watch?v=lpxBQ_Id4mY

Now the devil is a large man, who has large lips, and he gets into human bodies, and because he
wants to put his mouth into the body of i.e. a Mursi girl he will stretch her lips, so that he can fit his
lips into her lips!

Now the devil's engage in sex with human beings, and the devil calls the act of sex "F" and he wants
"The "F!" And he wants the girls brought under his control and dominion, so he bites his prisoner, and
the prisoner, has to remove his, or her, teeth, to protect himself or herself form the bites.

Now to this day, because of bites I received from the devil, I have scars on my arms, my biceps, my
fingers, and I am still, to this day, not wearing, my lower dentures!

Now the devil, when he catches someone in his snare, speaks directly into the mind of his prisoner,
and you can see people listening "IN" to the devil, and you can see fear, sometimes, and also sadness,
on the faces of prisoners of the devils, because they are being threatened, and possibly being verbally
abused in secret, within their minds, whilst constantly being secretly raped, something the devils keep
doing to people.

Now the devil also, secretly, beats and bashes people in the face, he repeatedly did it to me!

Now when the devil is eating a man, he can, using the man's body, and the man cannot stop him from
doing it, use the man's body, to engage in sex with his i.e. wife! And, the devil can even be secretly
raping the man's private parts with his, the devil's, Vibrating Wires and Devices, and, at the same time!

SAMMY LITTLE! "American Serial Killer!" "RAPIST & MURDERER!" 

Sammy Little!