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Thinking about crystals and other things

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Frozen Water.
15 My brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook, and as the stream of brooks they pass away;
16 Which are blackish by reason of the ice, and wherein the snow is hid:
17 What time they wax warm, they vanish: when it is hot, they are consumed out of their place.
The Holy Bible. Job 6:15-17

H1378 [(גּבישׁ gâbı̂ysh gaw-beesh' )]  From unused word of descent (possibly means to freeze); crystal (because of its similarity to ice): - pearl.

Water to Crystal.
Water that freezes becomes ice. Ice is similar to crystal. Crystal is translucent, so, ice is translucent.

Crystal. Solidified substance with a definite geo-
metrical [H3920 net] shape. Crystals [solidified substances] are held together by [H3920 lakad: sticking] bonds..Solidified water [ice] is held together by [H3920 lakad: sticking] bonds. As liquid water freezes it [crystallizes, turns solid] forms crystals which are held together by [H3920 lakad: sticking] bonds..Ice is a crystallized [solid] substance with a definite geometrical shape that is held together by [H3920 lakad: sticking] bonds..Cold causes liquid water to [become sticky, crystallize, stick together, become solid] freeze..Liquid water is [atoms of hydrogen and oxygen are] held together by [electrical forces??) bonds..Cold causes the bonds that hold liquid water together to become [lakad: sticky] electric??..
Matter is made up of atoms which are held together by [lakad:
sticking, electrical forces] bonds..Atoms contain electrical forces..Light is electric..Light is a form of energy..Atoms contain (electricity, light) energy..Atomic energy is found in atoms..As raindrops are rubbed together within Cumulo-nimbus Thunderclouds (electrical energy in the form of) heat is produced that causes sparks of electricity which are known as bolts of light/ning to flash across the sky..Electricity
and light can be produced from (H2O) water!..Frozen water is solid rock..H7140..Rocks and stones are solid..Rocks and stones are made of [crystallized substances] crystals..Rocks and stones are made of crystallized substances which have been bonded [H3920 lakad: stuck ] together in definite geometrical (H3920 net /like) shapes..Each rock has a definite geometrical (H3920 net/like) shape..Cold causes water vapour within the air to [crystallize..(get lakad: sticky) &] form crystals with definite geometrical (H3920 net /like)
shapes..Solid substances are held together in definite geo-metrical (H3920 net /like) shapes by [lakad: sticking, electrical forces] bonds.

Crystallizes. Form into crystals.

Sticky bonds!
H3920   [(לכד lâkad law-kad')]  Primitive root; to catch in a (net, trap, pit,); to (capture, occupy); to choose (by lot); to cohere: - catch (self), take, be (taken, holden, frozen), to become (caught, struck together), stick together, at all.

Dirt is sticky!
H2916 [(טיטı̂yṭ teet)] to be sticky, mud or clay, calamity: - clay, dirt, mire. See Strongs 2894  [(טוּא ṭû' too )]  Eg: dirt to be swept away. [Sticky: Particles of dust contain (atoms) electromagnetic forces?]

Gravity is caused by electrical forces. The earth has a gravitational pull. There are electrical forces within the earth. The human body (falls down) is pulled toward the earth by (electrical forces) gravity. The mass of the earth is greater than that of the human body so, the electrical forces within the earth are greater than those within the human body! The human body is pulled toward the earth by a mass of matter containing electrical forces that are greater than the electrical forces that are contained in the matter that makes up the human body.

bolts of light/ning! It is possbible that The LORD God Almighty "triggers lightning" with switches in his Sun!


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