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The earth is a large magnetic ball.
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2 Iron is taken out of the earth, Job 28:2

2 Iron [? barzel bar-zel'..iron (as cutting) iron implement, head (of axe).] is taken [ la^qach law-kakh'..reserve, buy, win, send for, get, (to) take, take away (up), taking (up), (to) be taken, be taken (up, away), carry away, fetch, be fetched, receive (-d), receiving, accept (-ed), seize (upon), bring, be brought, drawn, have, use, marry, mingle (-d), infold (-ing itself), many, put, place. ] out of [? ? min minni^y minne^y min, minniy,, through, because of, by (reason of), (out) of, from (among), after, since, above, in, whether, with..than, then, neither, nor, etc. The word min takes many forms when combined with other words.] the earth, Job 28:2

Iron cuts..Cutting implements can be made from iron..Iron is reserved in the earth..Iron is buy the earth..Iron is win the earth..Iron is send for in the earth..Iron is take away the earth..Iron is take away (up) the earth..Iron is taking (up) the earth..Iron is be taken the earth..Iron is (to) be taken the earth..Iron is be taken (up, away) the earth..Iron is carry away the earth..Iron is fetch the earth..Iron is be fetched the earth..Iron is received the earth..Iron is accept the earth..Iron is accepted the earth..Iron is seize the earth..Iron is seize upon the earth..Iron is bring the earth..Iron is be brought the earth..Iron is drawn the earth..Iron is have the earth.. Iron is use the earth..Iron is marry the earth..Iron is mingle the earth..Iron is mingled the earth..Iron is infold the earth..Iron is infolding itself the earth..Iron is many the earth..Iron is put the earth..Iron is place the earth..Iron is at the earth..Iron is through the earth..Iron is among the earth..Iron is since the earth..Iron is above the earth.

There is iron on the surface of the earth..There is iron in the crust of the earth..There is iron in the mantle of the earth..There is iron in the core of the earth..Iron is mingled within the earth.

Iron. Fe. (Ferrum.) is a silvery white metallic element, it is a magnetic metal. Iron contains carbon, and small amounts of other metals..Iron is extracted in blast furnaces from the ores magnetite (Fe3O4) an haematite (Fe2O3). The extracted iron is brittle and is used to make different types of steels.

The earth contains magnetic elements. The earth is a large magnet. Iron is strongly attracted by magnets. Magnets are attracted to magnets. The earth is being carried by the sun, so, the sun is a large magnet which is attracting the earth. If the sun is attracting the earth, then, there must be iron in the sun.

Iron corrodes in moist air and produces rust, a soft crumbly oxide. To prevent your iron and steel objects, and or tools from rusting, cover them with a coating of paint, and in the case of tools, grease, or oil.

Under the earth there is esh, (fire). Job 28:5..The melting point of iron is about 2,900 degreees Farenheit (1,600 degrees Celsius)..If Iron melts at 2,900 degreees Farenheit (1,600 degrees Celsius) and iron is melted and mingled within the earth then, the temperature of the esh, (fire) within the earth exceeds 2,900 degreees Farenheit (1,600 degrees Celsius). The temperature of the core of the earth is from 4,000 to 4,500 degrees celsius.

Dust of the earth contains magnetic properties. Magnetic properties cause particles of dust to stick together.

Iron crumbles.
When combined with oxygen in the air iron oxidises (forms a substance called iron oxide, or rust) and in the process of time the iron crumbles away. When rocks containing iron are exposed to the air, the rocks eventually fall apart.

Iron is a mineral. We eat iron.
Plants extract elements from minerals within the soil. The iron we eat is taken into our bodies when we eat foods such as meat, liver, nuts, and whole grain cereals. Iron is used for the formation of the red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen around your body.

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