Light from Clouds.

Light from Clouds.

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Light from Water.

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14 And it shall come to pass, when I [6049] bring a [6051] cloud over the earth, that the [7198] bow shall be [7200] seen in the [6051] cloud: Genesis 9:14

14 and whanne Y schal hile heuene with cloudis, my bowe schal appere in the cloudis, Wycliffe. Genesis 9:14

14 ...when I cover, (to) cloud over, bring a (nimbus or thunder) cloud (as covering the sky), cloudy, the earth that the bend (ing,) make go over, arch, (a) bow, rain, be watered, to be dense, heavy, thunder.. rain, first rain, former rain. shall be seen in the (nimbus or thunder) cloud (as covering the sky), cloudy, Genesis 9:14

When I cover the sky with (nimbus or thunder) clouds the bend (ing,) make go over, arch, (a) bow, rain, be watered, to be dense, heavy, thunder.. rain, first rain, former rain. shall be seen in the (nimbus or thunder) clouds.

Q. What is seen in the (nimbus or thunder) clouds?

A. The bend (ing,) make go over, arch, (a) bow, rain, be watered, to be dense, heavy, thunder..rain, first rain, former rain. is seen in the (nimbus or thunder) clouds!

Former rain..The Water Cycle.
Rain that has previously fallen to the earth, is carried back up and into the clouds. Water is recycled.

Clouds are made up of accumulated drops of water..Water (like glass) is transparent. G5194..Water can be seen through..Clouds are made up of an accumulation of trans-parent drops of water..Why can I see through glass?..I can see through glass because light passes through it!..If I can see through glass because glass is tranparent and be-cause light passes through it then, I can see through drops of water because drops of water are transparent and be-cause, light passes through drops of water..Light passes through water..Rainbows are seen in clouds..A rainbow is an arch of colors that is seen in an accumulation of drops of water..Light which is white is made up of seven colors..
Matthew 17:2..As light (which is white) passes through drops
of water the (white) light is parted into the seven colors that make up the bow that is seen in the clouds..Gen 9:14..
Job 38:24..The density of a cloud can be seen..Thunder is (sparks are..H6963..crashes of thunder, noises are H7267..
H7452..H4781) seen in (accumulated drops of water) clouds..
Noises (roars..G1027..loud outbursts of sound..H7482..Loud outbursts of [quivering] vibrating sounds..H7483) come from tumbling drops of water that violently crash together and produce (lightning, thunderbolts) sparks of light in cumulo-nimbus thunder clouds in the sky..Thunderstorms are produced
in cumulonimbus thunder clouds..G3655.

Rainbows bend..Rainbows go over..Rainbows are made to go over..A rainbow is an arch..Rainbows are curved..Rainbows are rounded..Rain is seen in clouds..Clouds are watered..
Some clouds are dense..Some clouds are heavy..
Thunder is seen in (nimbus or thunder) clouds..Former rain
(rain from the past, earlier rain) is seen in the (nimbus or thunder) clouds.

Clouds are watered.
Watered from Genesis 2:6..8248 ? sha^qa^h shaw-kaw' Primitive root; to quaff, to irrigate, furnish a potion to: - (to) water, moisten, be moistened, (give, give to, make, make to, cause to, let) drink, to irrigate, to furnish, to quaff, drown, water (-eth, -edst, -ed), cup-bearer, butler. Quaff: (heartily, deeply) drink. See 7937, 8354.

Clouds are furnished (fed, irrigated) with water..Clouds are moistened with water..Water is moist..Clouds (quaff, deeply drink, are drowned with) water..Clouds are deep with water..Clouds are deep..The atmosphere is deep with water!..Rain [H7241 ra^bi^yb an accumulation of drops] is seen in clouds..Accumulated drops of water are seen in the clouds..Drops of water accumulate..Drops of water accumulate in clouds..Clouds are made of drops of water..Water (rain) wets..G5200.

6049 ?a^nan w-nan' primitive root; to cover; from 6051 ?a^na^n aw-nawn' to cloud over; to act covertly, practise magic: - bring, to cloud, thick, darken, enchanter, soothsayer, sorcerer, observe (-r of) times, meonemin.

6051 ?a^na^n aw-nawn' From 6049 ?a^nan w-nan' a cloud (as covering the sky), the nimbus or thunder cloud: - (a) cloud, cloudy.

7198 qesheth..bend, bending, make go over, arch, bow,
a bow, a bow for shooting, bowman, bowshot, archer, arrow, the iris, rain, be watered. From be dense, heavy,
see qosh..of bending..see ben..among, between, betwixt,
within..See darak..draw, shoot, go, make to go, make go over, bend, come. See ramah.. thunder..See yarah..archer,
archers, shoot, shooter, be shot, cast, rain, be watered. see yoreh..first rain, former rain.

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