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7 And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes. Isaiah 35:7

7 And the[ý?ÝŠ sha^ra^b shaw-rawb' From unused root which means to glare; a quivering glow (of the atmosphere), esp. a mirage: - heat, parched ground, mirage. See Strongs 8273] parched ground Isaiah 35:7

Glow. look warm, look or be hot, emit (give out) heat and light without flames, shine, shining heat.
Glare. Shine oppressively, oppressive light, unpleasantly bright, tawdry (flashy) brilliance, look fixedly or fiercely, stare angrily,

7 And the to glare; a quivering glow (of the atmosphere), esp. a mirage: - heat, parched ground, mirage. parched ground

When the ground is hot and dry the atmosphere quivers with heat..The earth is shrouded with vapour..The ground is parched with heat..The atmosphere quivers..Heat causes the atmosphere to quiver..The atmosphere glows..The atmosphere glows with heat..The atmosphere quivers and glows with heat above hot and dry ground..Heat glares above hot dry ground..Mirages (optical illusions) are seen in the quivering atmosphere above hot dry ground..Light is reflected and refracted in the quivering hot air above dry ground..Mirages are caused by the reflecting and refracting of light in quivering hot air.

Mirage. [-rahz] n. Deceptive image in the atmosphere. Optical phenomena that arise from the reflection and refraction of light in hot air. Optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, hot air, esp. appearance of sheet water or lake in a desert, or, on a hot road. An optical illusion of sheet water or a lake in hot air. Illusory thing, a mirage. Mirages are usually seen at sea or in deserts.

Reflect. throw back rays of heat, light, or sound.
Rays of heat, light and sound bounce off (are reflected from) surfaces.
Rays of light bounce off (are reflected from) the surface of a mirror.

Refract. change the course of light as it passes from one medium to another.

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