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The man who didn't have enough strength.

The man who didn't have enough strength.
Chronic fatigue syndrome?
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By the sheep market at Jerusalem, there was a pool called Bethesda, and the pool had five porches.

And on the porches a great crowd of sick and weak people, who couldn't see, and who were lame and
crippled, and who were dried up, would stand, sit, or lie down, waiting for the water to move.

Because an angel used to come down from heaven, and the angel would get into the pool, and stir up
the water: and then, whoever got into the water first, would be healed of their diseases.

And there was a man there who had been sick for thirty eight years.

And when [G2424] Yehoshua saw him laying there, and knew that the man had had that disease for all of those
years, [G2424] Yehoshua said to the man, Will you be made better?

And the man who didn't have enough strength said to [G2424] Yehoshua, Sir, I have no one to put me into the water
when the water is stirred up: and every time I go to get into the water, somebody gets in before me.

Then [G2424] Yehoshua said to the man, Stand up, pick up your bed, and walk.

And straight away the man was healed, and he picked up his bed, and he walked: and that day was a
[sabbath day] Saterday.

The Jews then said to the man that was healed, It is [the sabbath day] Saterday: It is not lawful for you
to carry your bed.

The man said to the Jews, He that made me better, told me to pick up my bed, and walk.

Then the Jews asked him, Who is this man that told you, to pick up your bed and walk?

And the man who was healed did not know who it was, because [G2424] Yehoshua had gone away, and there was
a crowd of people in that place.

Later [G2424] Yehoshua found the man in the temple, and [G2424] Yehoshua said to him, Look, you have been made better: do
not sin anymore, because something worse could happen to you.

The man then left [G2424] Yehoshua, and he told the Jews, that it was [G2424] Yehoshua who had made him better.

So the Jews persecuted [G2424] Yehoshua, and they tried to kill him, because he had healed the man who didn't have
enough strength on a [sabbath day] Saterday. Jn 5:2-16

You can read this story of the impotent man in the Holy Bible in the gospel of John 5:2-16