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A little bible study about, Mud.

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A little bible study about, Mud.

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The scripture on this page is taken from the Old King James version of the Holy Bible.

Hebrew words used within this page can be found in bible concordances.

What is mud?
Mud is earth that has been wetted (mixed with water).

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Below is the scripture.
38 When the dust groweth into hardness, and the clods cleave fast together? Job 38:38

Here is the scripture. The bracketed words are the Hebrew meanings of the following word.
38 When the [ pulverize, cast dust, to be dust, powder, powdered dust, gray dust, ashes, earth, clay, mud, mortar, ground, rubbish.] dust [ melt, molten, pour (out), to pour out (a metal), be poured, run out, be overflow, overflown, lay out, cast (as metal), set down, to place firmly, be (as) firm, firm, grow, (grow) hard, be hard, to (stiffen), (cleave, cleaveth) fast, steadfast.] groweth into [ mutsaq.. vexation, fusion, i.e. lit. a casting (of metal); casting, a mass (of clay), hardness, straitness, be straightened.] hardness, Job 38:38

Putting the scripture and its Hebrew meanings together.
When the mud to melt, pour (out), firm, grow hard, stiffen, cleave fast, grow into a mass (of clay).

Interpreting the words and putting them into a sentence.
When mud is melted it can be poured out, and it grows hard, and it sticks together and grows into a mass of clay.

What did we find out about mud in that scripture?
Melted mud is liquid mud..Mud can be poured out..Mud runs..Running mud overflows..Mud sets hard..Mud sticks together..Mud is sticky..When melted mud dries out the mud becomes a mass (of clay).

Sticky lumps of mud.
Put some clay into a bucket, add a little bit of water, mix it up with your hands, take a piece of the wet clay out and squeeze it together in your hands, roll it round and round in the palms of your hands, and put it in the sun to dry, when all of the water is gone, you should have, a little ball of clay.

Cleaning up your mess!
Tip the water and any unused clay back upon the earth, wash out the bucket, and don't forget to wash your hands, there are lots of bacteria in soil!

Mud: Dictionary. wet and soft earthy matter (earth).