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Seeds, seeds, and more seeds.

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Seeds and seeds, and more seeds.
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The earth is tilled and seeds are planted in the ground.

High in the air water joins together in little drops and
becomes clouds.

Rain falls out of the clouds and waters the earth.

The sun shines upon the earth and warms the ground.

Within the earth the casing on the seeds rot (die) and
the seeds break open.

Roots grow out of the seeds and go down into the earth.

Little stems with folded leaves grow out of the seed and
spring up out of the ground.

The young plants (seedlings) eat (absorb) food from the
soil in the water they drink and from the light of the sun
that shines upon them.

The seedlings grow into plants. Plants produce flowers
and foods. Seeds grow within the flowers and foods of
plants. The plants grow up and the plants grow buds which
bloom into flowers (which turn into to fruits that are) filled
with seeds).

Flowers grow old and fade and die, and their seeds are eaten
by insects and birds, who carry, and drop their seeds back
down into the earth where the seeds are covered with soil.

Winds blow upon the flowers, and seeds are picked up by the
wind, and the wind carries the seeds across the earth and drops
them where it stops, and the seeds fall into the ground and the
seeds are covered with earth.

Fruits are picked from plants, and the delicious fruits are eaten,
and the seeds that are swallowed by their eaters are returned to
the ground in their waste, and the seeds get covered with earth.

And the fruits of the plants that are not eaten wither (dry up) and
fall to the ground, and the fruit continues to dry up, and the fruits
are broken down into soil, and their seeds get covered with earth.

Animals and people brush against plants and their seeds get stuck
upon them, and the seeds get carried away, and the seeds fall from
off them, and the seeds get back to the ground where the seeds are
covered with earth.

Seeds that fall into water or are dropped by birds into the sea, get
washed up onto the shore where the seeds get covered with earth.
Seeds that get covered with earth, which are watered and warmed
by the sun, begin to grow, again.

Billions and billions of seeds of living things upon the earth, never
grow, or grow up, to bring forth seeds again.

Life is in the seed..The life in the seed combines with hydrogen and oxygen (water), nutrients, minerals (chemicals) that are within the earth, carbon dioxide from the air, and energy from the sun (light) and grows into a plant..Life is in the plant..If you take a piece of a plant, that piece of plant can grow into another plant. Life is in the seed of the plant. If you plant a seed that seed can grow into another plant. Life comes from life. What chemicals make up the tiniest seed? A tiny amount of chemicals within a tiny seed, combined with hydrogen, oxygen, chemicals from the earth, carbon dioxide, and light (energy) from the sun, multiply and reproduce themselves. What chemicals (energy) does a plant take from the soil? What chemicals (energy) does a plant take from sunlight?

Experiments for an adult scientist!
Combine hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, chemicals from the soil, chemicals from the sun, and keep adding a different chemical throughout each experiment in order to find, the missing chemical from which life began! Is the missing ingredient chlorophyll? What is chlorophyll? Where did chlorophyll come from? I am not the plant (my body). The plant (my body) is the house in which I live. I am a spirit that is living inside of a plant (body). Eg: 2 Peter 1:14..Luke 8:55..Heb 10:5 The body is a plant. A body without a spirit inside of it is dead. James 2:26

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