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What does the Holy Bible tell me about, photosynthesis
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Spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof..Songs of Solomon 1:12
Q. What is spikenard?..A..Spikenard is a plant..Songs of Solomon 4:13

The house was filled with the odour of spikenard..John 12:3
Q. How was the house filled with the odour of spikenard?..A..Air is vapour..Eg..Wind is breath, and
breath is the [ruach..Job 41:16] air we breathe..Ezekiel 37:9,10..Genesis 2:7..[See Concordance..Vapour,
is breath..atmis]

A. The air is made of a combination of vapours.
Eg: Cattle release [methane] vapours..Job 36:33..Humans, animals, other living creatures, and also plants,
release [exhale] vapours..Rotting matter produces vapours..Exodus 7:18..Psalm 37:20..Psalm 38:5..Isaiah
34:3..Amos 4:10..Fire produces [smoke..Acts 2:19] vapours..Isaiah 34:9,10..Revelation 18:9..The earth
releases vapours..Ps 104:32..Water changes from liquid into vapour..Job 6:15-17..and, vapours are released
from foods that are cooked..Job 41:20..and all of these vapours then travel up, through, and into the

Vapour rises..Genesis 2:6..Genesis 19:28..Exodus 19:18..Joshua 8:20,21..Judges 20:38,40..2 Samuel 22:9..
1 Kings 18:44..Psalm 18:8..Psalm 135:7..Job 6:15-17..Isaiah 18:4..Jeremiah 10:13..Jeremiah 51:16..Isaiah
6:4..Isaiah 9:18..Isaiah 34:10..John 12:3..Revelation 8:4..Revelation 9:2..Revelation 14:11..Revelation 15:8..
Revelation 19:3..Acts 2:19..Vapour sinks..Isaiah 6:4..Revelation 15:8..John 12:3..Acts 2:19..Vapour spreads
..Isaiah 6:4..John 12:3..Revelation 15:8..Acts 2:19..Vapour travels..Isaiah 14:31..Acts 2:19..Ecclesiastes 1:6
..Vapour fills spaces..Isaiah 6:4..John 12:3..Revelation 15:8..Acts 2:19..and, vapour is continually whirling
about..Ecclesiastes 1:6

A. The air is made of a combination of vapours, and heat causes those vapours to continually move
about..Psalm 84:11..Psalm 107:25..Job 6:15-17..Job 24:19..Ecclesiastes 1:6

A. Plants contain water..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..James 1:11..Plants take water out of the soil through their
roots..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..The heat of the sun from space, causes plants to release some of their
water in the form of [scented vapour] gas into the atmosphere..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..James 1:11

A. Plants make, and release, gas, into the atmosphere..The scented [gas] vapour that is
released from plants [spikenard] then spreads out within the air, and rises, as it is carried about by, and
disappears into the [air] atmosphere..Ecclesiastes 1:6..Song of Solomon 4:16..James 4:14

Q. How do plants make [scented vapour] gas?..
A. Plants use the energy of the sun to produce their own food..2 Samuel 23:4..John 15:5 with John 8:12
and John 9:5..and plants store some of this food in their roots..Job 30:4..Romans 11:17..The by product
of this process is oxygen, which is released from the leaves of the plants..James 1:11..Ezekiel 17:9..Psalm
1:3..Isaiah 1:30..Isaiah 64:6..Jeremiah 8:13..Jeremiah 17:8..Ezekiel 47:12

Q. What happens to the [gas] oxygen that plants release into the atmosphere?
A. Human beings, animals, and other living creatures, breathe the [ruach..wind..air] atmosphere into their
lungs..Ezekiel 37:5-10..and then, human beings, animals, and other living creatures, also make and release
[scented vapours] gas..(carbon dioxide) into the [air] atmosphere.

Q. What happens to the [carbon dioxide..vapours] gases that human beings, animals, and other living
creatures release into the atmosphere?..A. Plants [inhale] breathe.
For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof
will not cease..Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; yet
through the scent of water it will [parach..grow..spring up] bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant..Job

A. The purpose of breathing is to exchange gases..The [lungs] leaves of [trees] plants are continually
inhaling and exhaling [vapour] gas..Job 14:7-10..Ezekiel 17:9..Every part of a plant inhales vapour.

A. The carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere by human beings, animals, and other living
creatures is inhaled by plants.

A. The trees..[plants] then produce (energy..sugar..sucrose..carbohydrates) sweet..Song of Solomon 2:3

Q. How do [apple and fig trees] plants produce [sweet..Judges 9:11..Song of Solomon 2:3] carbohydrates?
A. Green [ratob..wet] plants make [sweet..Judges 9:11..Song of Solomon 2:3] carbohydrates by absorbing
[carbon dioxide] vapour from the atmosphere..Job 14:8,9..[water] moisture from the soil..Ecclesiastes 2:5
..Ezekiel 17:8..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..and energy from the sun..2 Sam 23:4..Job 8:16..the plants then
exhale [oxygen] moisture [vapour] into the atmosphere..Song of Solomon 4:16..Ezekiel 17:9..James 1:11

Carbon Dioxide is a colourless gas..Oxygen is a colourless and odourless gas.