Plants and transpiration.

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Job 41:20
Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 22nd March 2005
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20 Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron. Job 41:20

20 Out of his [nechiyr, nechirim..nostril, nostrils] nostrils goeth [ashan..anger, dust, vapor, smoke] smoke,
as out of a [naphach..boil, seething, give up, breathe, breathe out, snuff, blow, to blow, be blown, cause to lose life] seething [dud, duwd..kettle, pot for boiling, caldron,
basket] pot or [agmon, agmown..a pool of marsh, a rush growing in a pool of marsh, a bulrush, caldron, kettle]
caldron. Job 41:20

Plants breathe..Plants exhale (breathe out) vapour..Job 41:20..Matthew 13:4-6..Mark 4:4-6..Transpiration..Vapours
rise into the atmosphere from rushes, bulrushes (plants)..
Vapours rise into the atmosphere from rushes, bulrushes (plants) that grow in pools of marsh (water)..Some plants grow in water..Water plants..Vapour is tiny bubbles of water..Tiny bubbles of water are released into the air from tiny holes within plants..There are tiny holes within plants ..Plants that dry up wilt..Amos 4:7..Water helps to keep the stalk (stem) of a plant upright..If water evaporates
into the air (atmosphere) from plants, and plants that dry up wilt, then, plants take water from the soil..Plants take water from the soil through their roots..Mark 11:20..There is water under the ground. Hebrews 6:7