The Door.

The Door.

"The Door"
Copyright (C) 6th July 2006 by Noelene Rout.
All rights reserved.

When in the furnace I did dwell, a door it came to me.
And opened up its sweet refrain, then beckoned, follow me.

I will light your darkness, mine eye will set you free.
I am the way to heaven, the way to liberty.

In drought I drop as falling rain. In famine I am bread. And in the storm I am the wind, that drives from wheat the tares.

My servant I'll defend you, a weapon I'm become, within the hands of whom I love, to shed the blood of men.

In sorrow I will comfort thee, distress I understand, at Golgotha upon a tree, I died for you my friend.

I'll lead you through the wilderness, we'll tread the great Red Sea, and burst the bands asunder, of that dreadful enemy.

And when upon the shores of life, my Father's face you see, there with the hosts of God, we will worship the LORD, God Almighty.