Rocks. Rocks & Stones.

Earth Science. Biblical. 
I AM THAT I AM loves me.
Job 14:19.

Rocks & Stones.
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The waters wear the stones: thou washest away the things which grow out of the dust of the earth; and thou destroyest
the hope of man. Job 14:19

The [mayim..juice, urine, semen, water, waters, watercourse,
flood, spring, watering, wasting.] waters [shachaq.. (to) beat, wear (away), to wear away by rubbing, abrasion, (friction), to comminate (reduce to small fragments by rubbing, friction (abrasion), to comminate (grind to powder by rubbing, friction, (abrasion).] wear the [eben..a stone, slingstone, chalkstone, headstone, hailstone, great hail-stone, carbuncle, plummet, stony, weight, diverse weights, mason.] stones: thou [ gallop, to gush, rush, run, (to over) flow, be overflown, rinse, be rinsed, (throughly) wash (away), cleanse, to innundate, overwhelm, drown, conquer.] washest away the things which [saphiach..
something (spontaneously) falling off, self sown (grain, crop), (such things) as (which) grow (of selves, of them-selves), which groweth of its own accord (itself), spon-taneous growth, a freshet.] grow out of the [aphar.. to pulverize, cast dust, to be dust, powder, powdered dust, gray dust, ashes, earth, clay, mud, mortar, ground, rubbish.] dust of the [ freq. land freq. field, ground, country, them that dwell in a country, nation, common, world, way.] earth; Job 14:19

Rocks and stones are rough and ragged..Isa 2:21..Rocks and stones can be cut..Job 28:10..Flowing water cuts into rocks and stones..As water continually cuts into rocks and stones,
the rocks and stones are broken apart..Rocks and stones are made..Rocks and stones are made of small fragments..Pieces of broken rocks and stones are carried in flowing water..
Broken pieces of rock and stone that are carried in flowing water knock and grind against other rocks and stones and break the rocks and stones to pieces..When rocks and stones are grinded by othe rocks and stones, particles of aphar, clay, (dust) are removed from the rocks and the stones..Ex 32:20..2 Chron 34:4..Dan 2:35..Isa 41:15.16..Rocks and stones become dust..Dust sticks together..Job 38:38..Rocks and stones are made of dust that has been stuck together..
Flowing water wears away rocks and stones..Job 14:19..Rocks and stones are rounded and made smooth as they are rolled and dragged along in water that is flowing..Big rocks and stones become little rocks and stones..Little rocks and stones become pebbles and course grains of sand..Particles of rocks and stones, and pebbles and sand and dust are carried in flowing water..Deut 9:21..Job 14:19..Job 28:10..
Particles of rocks and stones, and pebbles and sand and dust are carried in flowing water to the sea. Eccles 1:7..
Particles of rocks and stones, and pebbles and sand and dust are moved in a cycle by water from the land to the sea where the particles over billions of years are pressed together to form new rocks which once again rise from the sea and form new land..Running water is abrasive..Running water cuts.

Comminate: reduce to small portions (fragments).

Attrition: friction, abrasion, rubbing away, constant wearing down, weaken, war of attrition, destroy.

Triturate: grind to paste, grind to powder.

Abrasive: causing abrasion, capable of rubbing and grinding down, a substance used for polishing and cleaning by rubbing.