Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.

In the year of 2008, the god of the world upon this earth, came into my Locked & Bolted Govern-
ment home, and he entered into my bedroom, & having set me up for the kill, he 
entered into my

Now one day, I had been working in my garden, and I came into my bedroom, and I shut the door,
to look into the mirror, that was on the wall behind my bedroom door, because 
I had to fix my hair,
and when I looked into the mirror, there was a man standing before me, 
and he said, "I am Jehovah,
myname is Jehovah, I am here to help you!"

Now, the man was obviously not shot, when he entered into my bedroom, and he was not shot, when
he talked to me at the mirror, however, according to the god of the world, the Son of God 
let the god
of the world take 5 or 6 weapons and shoot me in the head for talking to the Jehovah 
at the mirror.

Now this Jehovah, was Jehovah from the Jehovah's Witnesses. I was not, a Jehovah's Witness, I
never attended Jehovah's Witnesses Church Services, and I never attended Jehovah's Witnesses

Bible Studies, so this man had no right to be within my house, and he definitely had no right to
be in my bedroom.

Now the Son of God did not, as I said, shoot him when he entered the room and began talking to
he did not keep him out of the room when he had been setting me up in the room, and the
God did not shoot him, when I believe he should have, and that was at a time when the
man continued 
going on in his trespasses, and as a result of not shooting him, at the time that I
believe he had 
justifiable grounds to shoot the man, who was in my room & trespassing. Now the
man turned out be 
the devil, and I have suffered tremendously as a result of the devil [getting into
my body] catching me 
in his snare. I was not doing anything, to anyone, when the devil came into
my home and captured me 
in his snare, and at this point of time, I was a widow, and I had been
studying the bible for over 33 

I do not believe that it was just, for the Son of God to allow the devil to shoot me in the head, 5 or 6 
times for talking to him at the mirror, because had the Son of God shot the man when he entered
my bedroom, I would not have been talking to him at the mirror, and, or, had the Son of God,
shot the 
man when he was talking to me at the mirror, I would not have been able to speak to the
man, Jehovah 
at the mirror!

I believe Supernatural Criminal Offences were committed against me, and I have suffered and suffer
-ed for 
years, and I have been living in my Government House, walking around in my own home keep
-ing my mouth 
shut, and trying not to talk [think] in my mind, [the devil reads your mind, and even as
you think!] and or 
react to the offences that have been getting committed against me as I have been
waiting, and getting 
people all around this earth to pray for me, as I have been trying to get this devil
out my body.

Now I am still in the snare, and I am still doing the same things, as I wait for the devil to be removed
my body!

Now this man is not only Jehovah, he is also Jesus Christ, & Buddha, he is the god of the Muslims, god
of the 
Hindu's & Sikhs, and he is also other gods within this earth, such as The God of the whole world
that is upon 
the face of this earth! Luke 4:5,6

The god of the whole world upon the face of this earth!

Sir Robert Dudley 1st Earl of Leicester / 
Lord Robert Dudley c.1560
https :// en. wikipedia. org/ wiki/Robert_Dudley,_1st_Earl_of_Leicester#/media/File:Robert_Dudley.jpg

Sir Robert Dudley.
https : //en. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Robert_Dudley,_1st_Earl_of_Leicester#/

Robert Dudley 1st Earl of Leicester. JUne 24th 1532 - September 4th 1588
https : / /en . /wiki /Robert_Dudley,_1st_Earl_of_Leicester

I recognize the man in the picture below as: the god of the whole world upon this earth!

Jesus Christ!


Alfred Hitchcock &, fernando_vi_de_espa_a_1713-1759