From the sea to the sky.

How does the water of the sea, get up into the sky?
(C) Copyright by Noelene Rout 25th June 2002 All Rights Reserved

From the pages of, The Old King James Version of, The Holy Bible


As the waters fail from the sea, and the flood decayeth and drieth up..Job 1:11..Water dries up
[evaporates] from the sea.

Q. What causes water to [evaporate] dry up from the sea?

Which alone spreadeth out the heavens, and treadeth upon the waves of the sea..Job 9:8..The
clouds are the dust of his feet..Nahum 1:3

A. Clouds are made of water vapour that the heat of the sun caused to evaporate and rise into the
atmosphere..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..James 1:11..Job 24:19..Job 6:17,15-17..God treads upon the
waves of the sea..Job 9:8..God is a sun..Psalm 84:11..The sun treads upon the waves of the sea.

Q. How does the sun tread upon the waves of the sea?
A. The sun is a fire..Revelation 16:8,9..The sun is great..Genesis 1:16..The sun is a great fire..
Fire is hot..Daniel 3:22..Heat comes from fire..Isaiah 44:16..John 18:18..Great heat comes
from the great hot fire of the sun..Revelation 16:8,9..The heat that comes from fire
causes water to evaporate..Matthew 13;6..Mark 4:6..James 1:11..Leviticus 2:14..The great heat of
the great fire of the sun travels through space..Psalm 19:6, the earth..Exodus 16:21..
Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..James 1:11..Light is hot..Psalm 78:48..Light travels..Hosea the
earth from the great [light] fire of the sun..Revelation 16:8,9..Genesis 1:14-18..Great heat,
and great hot light, from the great hot, fire, of the sun, travel to the earth
and [tread upon the waves of the sea..Job 9:8]..heat [burn] the surface of the waters of
the sea, and cause the water to [dry up] evaporate, and vanish..James 4:14..into
the atmosphere..Job 6:17,15-17..Amos 5:8..Amos 9:6..where it rises and forms clouds
..Job 36:27,28..The dust in the clouds, has also been trodden on, by the heat, and hot light, of the
[sun's (walking) treading..Job 22:14]..sun, from which nothing is hidden. Psalm 19:6,4-6

One day of creation, might be counted from, the time it takes the sun, to travel it's circuit in space? Psalm 19:4-6