Clean up the space that surrounds the Earth!
Clean up the space that surrounds the Earth!

Clean up space!

Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 28th April 2008

I was watching the news the other night, and I saw something in space, that was surrounded by space junk, it was supposed to be the Earth. I couldnt see the Earth, all I could see was shiny pieces of silver metal.

Get up there and clean up space!

Travel up to space in a space vehicle, part of which can be magnetized by electricity, travel at the speed of the space junk, get on the outskirts of the junk, and while getting as close as you can to a piece of junk, turn on the magnet, and start collecting pieces of junk' and or, simply, pick up pieces of the junk, place them into a part of the space vehicle, and bring all the junk back to the Earth, to be recycled, and get up there, and collect the rest, until the space that surrounds the Earth is clean!

When the space junk is brought back to the Earth, identify the nation that it came from, and, penalize them.

Impose heavy fines on nations that pollute the space that surrounds the Earth with their Junk!

The rays of the sun striking shiny metal that is speeding around in space between the Earth and the Sun, could be concentrated, and reflected back, onto inhabitants of the Earth, it could also be reflected onto dry grasses and trees and bushes, and be the cause of, MAJOR BUSHFIRES!

Are the Melanoma's that people are being afflicted with, coming from the rays of the sun that are getting through the hole in the ozone, or, are people being smitten by concentrated rays of light?

The cleaning up of the space that surrounds the Earth will be a tedious, and expensive job, but, when nations realize, just how time consuming, and costly it is, they might stop, polluting space!

My descendents are going to be living in this Earth long after I am gone, and I would like to make sure, that I leave this Earth in a better state than what is was, when I was here.

All of the inhabitants of the Earth, have to band together, and STOP nations from, polluting the space that surrounds the Earth.