What is a star?

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Hebrew word.
Kokab a star (as round, shining), blazing, stargazer, a prince. from the same as 3522 kabbown..in the sense of rolling. and from the same as 3554 kavah..in the sense of blazing. 3522 kabbown..to heap up, hilly, Cabon: a place in Palastine. 3554 kavah..to (prick, penetrate, blister), to blister (as eating into or smarting), burn (-ing), be burned, a branding. See Strongs 3556.

A star is a round, rolling, shining, burning, blazing, (bubbling) blistering, hilly, heap of [breathing,throbbing] vapour being eaten into in space.

Burning, blazing, round, shiny, (bubbling) blistering, hilly, heaps of [breathing,throbbing] vapour (stars), sing (release noisy sounds) as they (rotate, spin ) roll around in space. The Holy Bible. Job 38:7..Judges 5:20

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                                  The Singing Sun.   http://solar-center.stanford.edu/singing/singing.html 

                                  The bubbling sun. http://universalmysteries.co/the-sun-today-2-may-2012-bubbling-away/   
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