Stars shed light.

Stars shed light.

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7 Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, inquired of them diligently what time the star appeared. Matthew 2:7

the [792 (a) star, luminous (eg: shedding light, bright, glowing, clear), meteor.] star [5316] appeared. Matthew 2:7

Stars are strewn across the sky..Stars (lighten) shed light
..Stars are bright..Stars glow..Stars shine..Stars are seen
..Stars [light] show..Pictures are carried (shown) on light
..The light that is shed from stars is clear..Stars appear..
Stars appear in the sky..Meteors [small rapidly moving glowing heavenly bodies] appear in the sky.

Meteor: Small fast moving mass [body, dense (collection) aggregation of objects] of matter from outer space, [made luminous] heated and made to glow and shine when (packed together) compressed by air upon entering earth's atmosphere, where it is seen as streak of [glowing with heat, shining], light.

G792 α?στη?ρ asteŻr as-tare' Possible origin G4766 στρω?ν
νυμι stroŻnnumi; a star (as strewn across the sky): - (a) star, luminous, meteor.

G5316 φαι?νω phainoŻ fah'ee-no φα?ω phaoŻ G5457; to lighten (shine), that is, show: - appear, be seen, shine, seem, think.

G4766 στρω?ννυμ
ι stroŻnnumi strone'-noo-mee Or easier form σ
τ ρωννυ?ω stroŻnnuoŻ strone'-noo'-o, extended from even easier form στ
ρο?ω strooŻ stro'-o (used as alternate choice, is possibly related to G4731 στ ε
ρεο?ς stereos from idea of positing); to “strew”, that is, spread (as couch or carpet): - strew, spread, make bed, furnish.

G4731 στερεο?ς stereos ster-eh-os' From G2476; stiff, solid, stable eg: firmly fixed: - stedfast, strong, sure, eg: resolute.

G5457 φω?ς phoŻs foce From the disused φ
α?ω phaoŻ (to shine or make manifest, especially by rays; compare G5316 and G5346); luminousness (natural, artificial, abstract or concrete, ): - fire, light.

G5346 φημι pheŻmi fay-mee' same as word-stem of G5457 and G5316; to show or reveal one’s thoughts, speak or say: - say, affirm. Compare G3004.

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Sunday 31st January 2010
9.48am Computer Bible Study to [& demon's are chanting and touching!] 3.59pm and during the study judgments were executed upon devil's and myself.

There were physical attacks.
A devil smote me in the mouth area [and there was a wave reaction shortly thereafter in the head area!]

I hit JEHOVAH on the left cheek, and JEHOVAH hit me when I was on the toilet seat on the left cheek and then I told him off.

There was a devil who was complaining about using condoms during sex and his penis which he has when he is in a body.

Spirits attacked JEHOVAH and the deceased Knapps {Reverand Charles Haydon Knapp and Ellen Knapp] who are, and were here.

Lucifer was here, "What a bible study!"

But somehow I managed to get through it!

My head is sore from hits as I slept, and from some I received today!

While devils have gone, there are still devil's here!
And! Lucifer who is warring savagely against me, has moved into the house.

5.41pm During his sage war against me Lucifer, he, along with legions of devils band together and verbally and physicalu touch and attack me, sometimes, in a twisted manner! Eg: They will verbally attack me, touch me, and run me down, or they will verbally attack and
run JEHOVAH down, and they even attacked the Knapp's tosay, and slandered their son, and then this verball attack against them caused me to verbally attack them, and talk about their son, and the Lucifer and his demon;s can even get me to verbally attack JEHOVAH, an Jesus Christ or some othe or all members of the Kingdom of God. They even have a go at "Moses" and his two wives! and so on...

Slow Release Hits!
When a demon hits you, the demon/s might be in your hand, and as the demon/s smite you, while your hand may gently stop on your face, the demon's blow will continue into your face, as the demon/s move into your flesh, and shortly their after you will feel a wave reaction [a shock of some sort] in your head! Fallen angels have the ability to hit people!

Fallen angels touch people. Fallen angels, including Lucifer, the chief of devils touch people to make them feel good, to feel them, to annoy them, and, or to hurt them.

Fallen angels can penetrate your flesh. When a demon places his fingers on your face, even though your fingers have stopped moving, the moving demons in the shape of fingers can penetrate the flesh and do damage beneath your skin!

Sometimes a demon will touch your flesh with a hand or fingers, and simply imagine in its mind that it is ripping your flesh to pieces, if a demon wants to, it can even place an imaginary picture like the one that it is imagining into your mind!

Sometimes demon's stop fighting with me, and at that time they peacefully, and nicely talk to me about different things!

They say that they do this with JEHOVAH and members of his Kingdom during their war with them!

During my bible study today, one demon was talking about condoms.

This spirit who, when outside of the body is a tiny, invisible, sensationless, human bodiless [soul, mind] entity, said that when he, or other demon's are in a body they like to look after their penis.

This spirit claims that there is a ring at the top of condoms which is beneath the bubble, that because of it's tightness, irritates the flesh on the head of the penis in the area of the eye.

The demon said that Men, Manufactures and Members of the Medical Profession are not aware of this irritation, and that men do not notice it because they are too sexually excited at the time, but the spirit said that demon's notice it!

The spirit said that when a man is thrusting his penis into the vagina during sex, the ring irritates the head of the penis, and can cause a redness or sometimes a blister in the area of the eye.

The spirit then went on to say that the spirits do not want to damage their penis's, and he asked me to publish what he said, because as he said, then, people will believe in the supernatural because, this fact is something I could not possibly know about!

Any errors within my pages are not intentional!