Fusion & The Sun.

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Fusion & The Sun.


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[3556 kokab..a star (as round, shining), blazing, stargazer, a prince. from the same as 3522 kabbown..in the sense of rolling. and from the same as 3554 kavah..in the sense of blazing. 3522 kabbown..to heap up, hilly, Cabon: a place in Palastine. 3554 kavah..to (prick, penetrate, blister), to blister (as eating into or smarting), burn (-ing), be burned, a branding. ]

Narrowing down 3556 kokab.
a star (as round, shining), blazing, in the sense of rolling. in the sense of blazing. to heap up, hilly, to (prick, penetrate, blister), to blister (as eating into or smarting), burn (-ing), be burned, Fusion equals Eating into!

to (prick, penetrate, blister), to blister (as eating into or smarting), Prick: sharp point, pricking or being pricked, make minute hole in, slight hole made by pricking, pierce slightly with a sharp point, puncture, that which pricks, mark made by pricking, cause to feel mental pain, remorse, sting, make ears (of animal) stand erect, listen intently eg prick up the ears, become attentive.

Penetrate: pierce, find or force a way into or through, enter into,
Penetrability: quality of being penetrable.
Penatrable: capable of being (pierced, entered) penetrated.
Penetrating: entering into, quick to understand, (of a sound) loud and penetrating,

Blister: (cause to) have blisters, form blisters (on), small bubble on the skin, surface swelling eg on paint,
Blistering: (of the weather) very hot, (in relation to criticism) extremely harsh.

Fuse: join, combine, melt with intense heat, (blend [into one], unite) by melting, amalgamate.

Fusion: state of being melted, melting (together), melting product of fusion, fusing, combination of two atoms, union of things as atomic nuclear, as if melted together, the changing of a state of a substance from a solid to a liquid which happens at a definite temperature (melting point) and at a given applied pressure. Union of atomic nuclei, with release of energy. The source of the energy of the sun and the stars is from the reaction of fusion. Fusion is the manner with which hydrogen atoms are split to produce atoms of helium. Atoms of hydrogen are melted together to produce helium, energy is the by product.

Nuclear fusion: the uniting of two or more light atomic nuclei to produce a larger one with a mass that is slightly lower than the united masses of the particles it was made from. Nuclear fusion involves the transferring of mass to energy. During nuclear fusion mass is converted into energy.

Three quarters of the sun's mass is Hydrogen.

Hydrogen atoms blister as they are burned with heat. Minute holes are made in blistering hydrogen atoms as they are fused together with heat.

During fusion minute holes are made in hydrogen atoms. During fusion bubbles appear on the surface of hydrogen atoms. Bubbles burst. During fusion bubbles appear on the surface of hydrogen atoms, and the bubbles burst and minute holes appear on the surface of the hydrogen atoms and the hydrogen atoms (eat into one another, fuse) join together and produce Hydrogen atoms are (penetrable) capable of being penetrated.

Energy is produced within the Sun. Huge amounts of energy in the form of heat, light and radiation are produced within the core of the sun. The energy of the sun comes from matter which has been, and is being converted into energy. Matter is converted into energy in a process called nuclear fusion during which atoms are changed in a process that produces new elements. (the matter which is contained in four hydrogen nuclei are rearranged to create a helium nucleus), a process during which some of the orignal matter is converted into energy. The hydrogen is fused together to form atoms of helium as they are burned in the center of the sun, which acts like an atomic furnace. Seething hot gases bubbling about in the core of the sun, bubble to the surface, and escape into space as heat and light from the core. Massive amounts of energy in the form of heat, light, and radiation are given out during the process of nuclear fusion. Every second the sun converts 4 million tonnes of hydrogen into helium by nuclear fusion, giving life to everything upon the Earth. The sun warms the Earth and provides living things with energy. Life is dependent upon the sun.

Burning substances produce vapour. Psa 37:20
The sun's atmosphere is made from the seething hot (gases) vapours that are being produced during nuclear fusion.

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