Energy from Nuclear Fusion.

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Energy from Nuclear Fusion.
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What is energy?
Energy is defined as the ability of matter or radiation to do work, energy is a force, a source of power such as electricity, coal or oil.

The Earth's energy is provided by the Sun. Without energy from the Sun there would be no plants or animals upon the earth.

Energy can be stored.
Millions of years ago, energy from the sun was stored in plants during the process of photosynthesis, some of that energy is used when fossils fuels such as, coal, oil, and petroleum are burned.

"Hans Albrecht Bethe"Hans Albrecht Bethe the German physicist who was born in 1906 at Strassburg, Germany, and educated at Frankfurt and Munich universities was the first person to suggest that the energy of the sun and the stars was provided by nuclear fusion. Hans went to the United States of America in 1935 to teach, and in 1937 he became a professor. He was the director of the theoretical physics division of the Los Alamos Atomic Scientific Laboratory from 1943-46 and in 1958 he became scientific advisor to the United States of America at the nuclear test ban talks in Geneva. Hans Albrecht Bethe was rewarded in 1967 with the Nobel Prize for Physics for his brilliant theories on the origin of solar and stellar energy and on atomic properties. Many great scientists furthered the work of Hans Bethe and provided the world with a better understanding of the processes involved in Nuclear Fusion.

What is a star?

Hebrew word. Kokab a star (as round, shining), blazing, stargazer, a prince. from the same as 3522 the sense of rolling. and from the same as 3554 the sense of blazing. 3522 heap up, hilly, Cabon: a place in Palastine. 3554 (prick, penetrate, blister), to blister (as eating into or smarting), burn (-ing), be burned, a branding. See Strongs 3556.

A star is a round, rolling, shining, burning, blazing, (bubbling) blistering, hilly, heap of vapour being eaten into in space.

Three quarters of the sun's mass is Hydrogen.

Hydrogen atoms blister as they are burned with heat. Minute holes are made in blistering hydrogen atoms as they are fused together with heat.

During fusion minute holes are made in hydrogen atoms.During fusion bubbles appear on the surface of hydrogen atoms. Bubbles burst.During fusion bubbles appear on the surface of hydrogen atoms, and the bubbles burst and minute holes appear on the surface of the hydrogen atoms and the hydrogen atoms (eat into one another, fuse) join together and produce energy (heat and light).

"Nuclear Fusion"
The sun is made up of several layers of different consistancy. The diameter of the Sun is about 865, 000 miles (1.35 million km). Huge amounts of energy are produced at the core of the Sun, by Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear Fusion is set in motion by frequencies similar to infrared which cause atoms and molecules to commence vibrating, and as the atoms and molecules vibrate a heat is generated that is sufficient to set off a nuclear reaction. Once fusion has commenced, the reaction provides the heat which causes the fusion to continue. Exceedingly high temperatures are required in order for fusion to take place. The temperature at the core of the Sun is about 15, 000, 000 degrees celsius (27, 000,000 million degrees farenheit). Heat is produced at the core of stars, where gravity pulls matter together, and creates the pressure that causes Nuclear Fusion. The reaction of fusion releases energy in the form of heat, which, takes thousands of years, to travel outwards from the radiation zone from atom to atom by radiation and convection to the photosphere, the visible surface of the sun. Heat energy rises away from the Sun's centre at the Convection Zone. Every second, the Sun gets lighter as a result of the massive amounts of energy it releases during Nuclear Fusion. Outside of the photosphere is a layer of hot gases called the chromosphere which is something like an atmosphere. Sunspots which come in cycles of about 11 years move around the photosphere. Solar prominences, massive eruptions of hot gases, which seem to be linked to sunspots and the sun's magnetic energy, are arcs, about one-third the diameter of the Sun, which, visible during Solar Eclipses, the time when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun seem to travel from one sunspot to another.

Dark regions upon the surface of the sun are called sunspots. Sun spots appear and disappear regularly upon the sun. These (bare spots) dark areas which are visible on the surface of the sun are a few thousand degrees cooler than the gas that surrounds them. By observing the sun and the movements of sun spots upon the surface of the sun Astronomers worked out, that the equator of the sun is spinning faster than its poles.

6708 צחיחיo tsechi^ychi^y tsekh-ee-khee' [From 6706 צחיח tsechi^yach tsekh-ee'-akh;] bare spot, that is, within the glaring sun: - higher place.

Combine: unite, join together.
Combination: (the act of) combining, a number of people or things combined, something formed by combining, chemical union.
Decompose: be broken down through chemical or bacterial action, separate into elements, separate substance into its elements, to separate into constituent parts or elementary particles, to become resolved into constituent elements, rot, decay, putrefy.
Decomposition: decay.
Energy: capacity for (output of power, work,) intense activity, capacity to do work and overcome resistance, ability of matter or radiation to do work, force, vigour, activity, source(s) of power, such as electricity, oil, coal etc.
Frequency: the state or fact of being frequent, (frequent, rate of) occurrence, rate of recurrence (of vibration etc.), Physics number of times a wave repeats itself in a given time, number of cycles of carrier wave per second, in radio etc.cycles per second of alternating current.
Reaction: re-acting, response, responsive (action or feeling), emotional or physical response to a stimulus, tendency to oppose change, backward or counter tendency, tendency to return to former system, action resisting another, opposition to change, chemical or nuclear change, combination, decomposition.

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