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1Pe 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion,
walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 

I recognize the devil in the body of this Young Serial Killer, "JESSE POMEROY" and I
can see a man (possibly the devil, or one or more of the other devils!) in the body of his
mother, Ruth Ann Pomeroy.

No one is allowed to love the "INVISIBLE" devils. No human is allowed to visit the doleful,
"INVISIBLE" devils,
in their prison. The "INVISIBLE" devils are being used by the Almighty
God to execute his judgments on sinful people! The "INVISIBLE" devils are a "Sexually
Sensationless" people, who have problems in their
minds relating to sex.

Type Ruth Ann Pomeroy into Google Search to see: Ruth Ann Pomeroy.

Teenage Fiend and Serial Killer Jesse Pomeroy
I recognize the following men as The Devil, and I am able to recognize these men because, the
devil came 
into my Locked and Bolted Government House in the year of 2008, and he entered
into my bedroom, and 
without invitation from me, he entered into my body, and sometime later,

Carl Panzram, American Serial Killer, Rapist, Arsonist and Burglar.


Carl Panzram
June 7, 2013 - Richard Ramirez, also known as 'The Night Stalker,' a mass murderer and 
serial rapist, who
terrorized Southern California in the 1980s, died Friday morning of natural
causes at age 53. PICTURED:

May 29, 1991 - San Francisco, California, U.S. - RICHARD RAMIREZ, center, stands between
his attorneys in a San Francisco courtroom. Ramirez was convicted of 13 sex slayings the mid-
1980s and was known as the Nightstalker. Attorneys are unidentified. (Credit Image: © Alan Greth
/ - Image ID: D90JH6

God of the world upon this earth, Richard Ramirez!

Richard Ramirez.PurchasedAlambyNjRout15thOct2022

Richard Ramirez Wikipedia

The devil wanted my Bible Studies and to get them, he will even, and did, stick vibrating
devices into 
your private part, and onto your private part, and he rapes and rapes you, and he
stands over you and 
demands your Bible Studies, and he threatens to hit you, and kill you, if
you do not give them to him!

I did "NOT" and would "NOT" give the man who is the devil, my Bible Studies!

Charles Manson. Portrait of the cult leader and killer of Sharon Tate, Charles Milles Manson 
Maddox, 1934-2017), California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation mugshot,
1968 - Image

Charles Manson.PurchasedAlambyNjRout15thOct2022

Charles Manson! Addition. 7:45 am 16th October 2022

Now, in watching a Documentary about Charles Manson on You Tube this morning, I can
see the devil *Here.
However, what is happening, Lucifer is an attractive man, (Ezek 28:17)
and hair on his face, is covering his beauty, which can
be seen *Here! [Some of the beauty
of Lucifer, is apparant in the above picture of, Richard Ramirez!
] [Where cheeks are
sunken, devils have been punching the person in the face!]

The devil bites people, and he bit me on my arms, biceps, and fingers, and in looking at
Charles Manson,
I can see tattoos on the arms of Charles Manson in places, where the devil
bit and ripped pieces from my flesh.

[Devil's become "ONE!" i.e. Jn 10:30] When someone is in the devil's snare, other eyes look
through the eyes of the person in the snare. In the
left eye of Charles Manson another eye may
be visible, and to see it, a snip needs to be taken from
the movie of the eye, and then if you put
the picture, into Word Pad [In Windows 7] and cover it as if you were going to
cut it out, the
other eye becomes visible!

Charles Manson's first prison interview | 60 Minutes Australia 
*4:08 to 4:10 & 4:32 to 4 36 of 17:22. *12:11 of 17:22 i.e. his left eye.

The devils bite the arms, biceps, and fingers. Tattoos, on arms may conceal the scars left from bites.

Charles Manson's first prison interview | 60 Minutes Australia

Still being in the snare! Prayers are still needed "Please, and Thank You." Noelene.
Charles Manson
Now, I got married in 1985 to a man, and it's turns out, that the man, was in the devil's snare,
(1 Pet 5:8) 
but I did not know that, because, when someone is in the devil's snare, you see, and
hear, nothing.

Now the man died on the 2nd May 1994, and then the Word of God called me, and I was drawn
with love to 
follow him, on the 12th December 1994 and immediately after the calling, the man who
had been in the body 
of my now deceased husband, manifested in voice in the bedroom, where he
had died a few months before, 
and he started sticking his nose into my business, and tempting me!
[At the time I did not know all this!]

And then in 2008, the devil, who had had, my late husband in his snare, and to whom I had been
married for over 8
 years, turns up again, in the year of 2008, and he to whom I had been married,
who knew this was my 
bedroom, and not his, enters into my bedroom, and then he, without
invitation from me, enters into my body! 
And then, he is in my bed, touching my private parts, with
his Vibrating Wires and Devices, and it ends up that 
I, the Victim of Crime am turned into the
Perpetrator, the devil is justified, for events that took place, he is allowed 
to hurt me, The Word of
God executed judgments on me, and so too, did the Almiighty God execute judgments 
on me, and, 

Now in the bodies of the above men, there is a Kingdom of Devils [an ID] which is made up of,
thousands of Sexually Sensationless "INVISIBLE" men, and women, 
and these devil's, are tuned
into, men and women, other devil's, all around this earth, and these devils, communicate with one
another all around this earth, with their Radio Equipment, all around the earth, which means that,
there are billions, and billions, of male and female devils tuned into the bodies of the above men.
And these "INVISIBLE" people, can get out of the snares and wander all around the place, looking
at this, and looking at that, and listening to this, and listening to that, without beeing seen, or heard,
by human's!

Yes, and in an household in Canberra, only mentioning one household, where there is a single
woman with several children, the 
devil told me, that there is a kingdom of devil's, in the woman, and
also in each of the children, and he also told me, that devil's, unseen to human eyes, can go there, as
anyone one, and get into her bed at night, and have sex with her, for hours, and hours, on end, Deut
28:26 and she, the woman, knows nothing about it, and neither do her neighbours know any thing
about it. They can't see or hear anything! And, these devil's can also feel the sexual sensations of the
Now the devil "PERSONALLY" manifested himself to me in a "Full Length Mirror," and I recognize
the devil in the picture of 
Jesus Christ that my great, great, grandfather John Lamb Lyon 1836-1915
painted of Jesus Christ, many years ago, so in 
thinking about that, I realize that the devil must have
also, "PERSONALLY" manifested himself to my ancestor, "Scottish Glass Stainer" 
John Lamb Lyon.

Jesus Christ.


noelene. called by the word of god
1Pe 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, 
walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 

Thank You for your prayers please. Noelene.

LIGHT! God is Light, in "My Bedroom!"

LIGHT! God is Light!
Cable of The Sun. 10th June 2022

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