God made water.

I AM THAT I AM Loves Me! John 3:16


Hydrogen & Oxygen.
What are some of the things that the Holy Bible tell me about hydrogen and oxygen?

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At my rebuke I dry up the sea, I make the rivers a wilderness: Isaiah 50:2..At my [gearah, rebuking, rebuke,
reproof] rebuke I [charab, be dried, dry up] dry up the[yam, sea, (lake, pool..See Youngs)] sea, I make the [nahar,
river, stream, flood] rivers a [midbar, desert, wilderness] wilderness:..At my gearahI charab the yam, I make the nahar a midbar:

God is a sun..Ps 84:11..The wicked are the waves of the sea
..Jude 1:13..God rebukes with flames of fire..Isaiah 66:15
..God's rebuke is hot..Psalm 6:1..Psalm 38:1..When the sun rebukes the waves of the sea, water is broken into pieces..
1 Samuel 2:10..Daniel 2:35..Revelation 17:15..and the water evaporates into the atmosphere (dries up) and the ground becomes dry..Ps 37:20..Amos 4:7..and the earth breaks into
and people, and plants die..Exodus 17:3..Isaiah 5:13..
Hosea 2:3..Isaiah 19:5-10..and the land becomes barren, as the dry winds break dead vegetation (chaff) into stubble..
Malachi 4:1..Job 13:25..Job 21:18..Psalm 1:4..Psalm 35:5..
Psalm 83:18..Isaiah 17:13..Isaiah 29:5..Isaiah 40:24..
Isaiah 41:2..Jeremiah 13:24..Hosea 13:3..Zeph 2:2..Matthew 3:12..Luke 3:17..and spread dust all over the place..Isaiah 5:24..Isaiah 41:15,16..Daniel 2:35..Psalm 37:20..Genesis 3:19

Seas are gatherings together of water..Genesis 1:10..Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen..God made water..Psalm 95:5
..Jonah 1:9..Acts 4:24..Acts 14:15..Water can be made..
Water can be made from hydrogen and oxygen.

Water dries up (evaporates) into the atmosphere from animals, creatures, people, plants, the sea, the earth,
and from waterways all over the earth..Ecclesiastes 1:7..
Amos 5:8..Amos 9:6..There is hydrogen and oxygen in animals, creatures, people, plants, the sea, the earth, waterways all over the earth, and also in the atmosphere that surrounds the earth.

Heat causes hydrogen and oxygen in the form of liquid to break into smaller pieces of hydrogen and oxygen..Job 6:15-17..Hydrogen and oxygen have three states, liquid, solid, and gas..Job 6:15-17..Heat and cold cause hydrogen and oxygen to change states..Job 6:15-17

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