Bubbles of Water.

Bubbles of Water!

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3582[Greek Word for pots Mk 7:4,8] ξε?στης xestes xes'-tace As if from ξε?ω xeo (meaning to smooth; implying [of friction] to heat or boil); a vessel (made for cooking), maybe corrupted from the sixth of a modius in Latin sextarius, which is a pint, or in English one and a half pints, e.g. a measure for liquids and solids, a pitcher by analogy:- pot.

2 As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to [H1158] boil, to make thy name known to thine adversaries, that the nations may tremble at thy presence! Isaiah 64:2

1158[Hebrew Word for boil. Isa 64:4] ? ba^?a^h baw-aw Ancient word of descent; to gush over, to swell, swell out, seek up, (be) sought up, (cause to) boil, (Abstractly.) to desire earnestly; implying; to ask, (in, en) quire, cause. swell, swell out, obviously means the swelling of water as it is stretched and forms bubbles. Note: Water stretches!

6348[Hebrew Word for light Judges 9:4] ? pa^chaz paw-kh az' Ancient word of descent; to bubble up or froth (as boiling water), abstractly: to be unimportant, (to be) unstable, light.

Dictionary. Boil. Heat water to a point where it is agitated and begins to (form bubbles, bubble up) boil.

During boiling. Water that has been heated, is agitated, and is stretched and (forms bubbles, begins to bubble.) bubbles up.

Boiling point. Temperature at which a liquid begins to (form bubbles, bubbles up) boil and become vapour.

Dictionary. Bubble. Ball or bubble of air encased in water that has been stretched. Sphere of liquid that has been blown out with air. Form bubbles, bubbling, rise up in bubbles. Bubbles make noises.

Friction produces Heat!
3582Greek Word for pots Mk 7:4,8 ξε?στης xestes xes'-tace As if from ξε?ω xeo (meaning to smooth; implying [of friction] to heat or boil);

Water Stretches.
As water is heated within a pot upon a stove, molecules of water are agitated, and the heated water begins to ([fill with air? and] swell up) stretch and forms bubbles that burst within the pot.

Producing Bubbles.
What do I need? 1) A bowl. 2) Some water. 3) A drinking straw.

What to do!
Pour your water into the bowl. Now place your straw into the water, and then, blowing through the straw watch, as bubbles appear within and upon the surface of the water.

What happened?
As you blew air into the water, the water within the bowl stretched and formed bubbles that had wrapped (enclosed) themselves around rising balls of air which, when rising to the surface, popped as they reached the top.

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