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The Atmosphere.

I AM Loves Me! John 3:16

Air..Wind..Vapour..The Atmosphere.

What is something that the Holy Bible tells me about, The Atmosphere?

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And upon Elam will I bring the four [ruach..air..breath..
wind] winds from the four [qatsah] quarters of [shamayim..
air..heaven] heaven, and will scatter them toward all those winds; and there shall be no nation whither the outcasts of Elam shall not come..Jeremiah 49:36

Wind comes from four main directions..The four main directions of the wind are, north, south, east, and
west..Elam was to be scattered to the north, to the south, to the east, and to the west.

The earth is a circle which is [hanging on nothing] balancing in space..Job 26:7

If [wind] air comes from four directions, and the earth is a circle, then, there is air above the northern
circle of the earth, there is air above the southern circle of the earth, there is air above the eastern circle
of the earth, and there is air above the western circle of the earth.

Air is [atmis] vapour..Vapour [Acts 2:19] rises..Joshua 8:20,21..Vapour sinks..Job 6:15-17..and vapour
spreads out..1 Kings 8:10..John 12:3

Wind, which is air, which is vapour, blows across the circle of the earth from the north, the south, the
east, and the west, and the wind goes toward the north and turns about to the south, and the wind goes
back to the north, and the wind continually whirls about..Ecclesiastes 1:6..and the wind [radaph]
pursues [chases..follows..hunts..searches] my soul..Job 30:15..and the wind bloweth where it [thelo..
desires] listeth..John 3:8

If the earth is a circle, and air is continually rising and falling, and spreading out, and whirling about all
over the circle of the earth from the four main directions, and the air is pursuing me, and the air is moving
where it desires, then, the circle of the earth is surrounded by [an atmosphere of vapour] air, and,
the heat of the sun, which causes vapours to rise..James 1:11..from all over the earth..Psalm 135:7..
Jeremiah 10:13..Jeremiah 51:16..shines upon every part of the circle of the earth..Psalm 19:4-6..and, if
vapours rise from plants..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..James 1:11..and the earth..Genesis 2:6..and its waters..
Job 6:15-17..Amos 5:8..Amos 9:6..from all over the circle of the earth..Psalm 135:7..Jeremiah 10:13..
Jeremiah 51:16..then, there is earth, and plants, and water all over the earth, and, if water is
continually being recycled from all over the earth, then, water rains down over every part of the circle
of the earth.