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16 Ephraim is smitten, their root is dried up, they shall bear no fruit: yea, though they bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb. Hos 9:16

16 [Ephrayim..Ephrajim, Ephraim, a son of Joseph, second son of Joseph by Asenath, tribe descended from Joseph, and their territory, Ephraimites, double fruit, doubly fruitful.] Ephraim is [nakah..punish, clap, strike, to strike, to strike lightly, to strike severely, be stricken, beat, cause to be beaten, to be beaten, be beaten, give stripes, stripes, wound, give wounds, wounds given, wounds, be wounded, slay, slaying, be slain, slayer, kill, slaughter, make slaughter, murderer, smite, smiting, be smitten, smiter, cast forth, forward, go forward, indeed, surely.] smitten, their [shoresh, sheresh..heel, deep, root, roots, bottom.] root is [yabesh..make dry, make dry up, dry up, to dry up, be dried, be dried up, dry, wither away, be withered, be withered away.] dried up, they shall [asah..be put in execution, exercise, cause, cause to be made, they shall make, do, perform, practise, commit, execute, fashion, make, make up, make ready, pare, prepare, be made, made, be done, bring to pass, accomplish, done, be done, fit, deck, dress, dressed, keep, be kept, maintain, ready, put, bear, bring forth, yield, give, spend, offer, bestow, set, be given, be offered, be meet, use, get, procure, provide, be performed, be committed, be executed, effect, that which is done, be prepared, trim, be wrought, become, come to pass, fulfil, be dressed, apt, gather, occupy, be occupied, be used, advance, great things, shew, take counsel, those that have the charge, govern, appoint, ordain, agreement, worker, work, labour, busy, sin, take vengeance, requite, deal, deal with, bruise, undo, go about, be followed, be holden, sacrifice, hold (feast), observe, very, surely, indeed, certainly, thoroughly.] bear [beliy..none, not, without, where no...is, for lack of, nothing, not yet, because not, so that no, failure, as long as, corruption, destruction, ignorantly, unawares.] no [peri..bough, reward, reward for, fruit, fruitful.] fruit: yea, though they [yalad..beget, to beget, be begotten, labour, travail, woman in travail, travailing, travailing woman, travaileth, woman that travaileth, travail with child, bring forth, bring forth young, bring forth children, make to bring forth, make to bring forth young (children), cause to bring forth, time of delivery, be delivered, be delivered of a child, bear, to bear young, gender, calve, come, hatch, be brought forth, born, born of, be born, birth, one's birth, birthday, act as a midwife,
do the office of a midwife, midwife, bring up, be brought up, child, children, be the son of, to show lineage, declare pedigrees.] bring forth, [muth..death, must die, worthy of death, cause to die, put to death, be put to death, be like to die, to die, die, be dead, one dead, dead one, dead man, dead body, dead, be slain, slay, to slay, kill, to kill, destroy, destroyer, necromancer, at all, in no wise, be like to, must needs, surely, very suddenly, crying.] yet will I slay even the [machmad..a delight, delightful, desire, object of desire, object of affection, goodly, lovely, beloved, beloved fruit, pleasant, pleasant thing, pleasant place.] beloved fruit of their [beten..to be hollow, within, womb, the womb, belly, the belly, the bosom, the bosom of anything, body, the body of anything, as they be born.] womb. Hos 9:16

Babies are begotten. Babies start to grow. Babies are made. Babies are caused to be made. Babies are fashioned. Babies are fashioned in the body (womb). Babies are brought forth. Babies are born. Babies are born from women. Women labour to bring forth their babies. The time of delivery is the time of labour. The day of a babies birth is called the babies birthday. A midwife is a person who helps a woman during the birth of her child. Babies are delightful. Babies are lovely. Babies are pleasant. Babies are beloved. Babies are fruit. Babies are a reward. God takes the lives of the babies of some wicked people. God took the life of King David's baby, for the wickedness of King David. 2 Samuel 2:1-24

There are roots at the bottom of plants. Roots go deep into the ground. Roots contain moisture. Water finds its way into the roots of plants. Roots dry up (wither). Roots dry up (wither) beneath the ground. Beneath the ground water dries up from the roots of plants. Water dries up from beneath the ground. There is water beneath the ground. When water dries up, the water becomes vapour, and the vapour rises up and enters into the air. Job 6:15-17..Gen 2:6 Water dries up from the earth. Gen 2:6 When the earth dries out around a plant, all of the water within that plant evaporates into the air. Water enters into a plant from its roots, and the water evaporates into the air, and the vapour is carried about within the air, until it condenses and becomes water, that drops back down out of the air. Water changes states (becomes liquid, becomes vapour). The earth's water is recycled.