Water falls from clouds.


I AM THAT I AM LOVES ME. Proverbs 8:17
Earth Science.  Biblical.

Water falls from CLOUDS.
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Water falls to the ground from clouds, and the clouds disappear, and heat causes water to dry up from the earth,
and the water enters into the air, and cold causes the water to come out of the air and cling on to tiny particles of dust and form droplets of water, and the droplets of water become clouds, and the droplets of water get heavier as they join together and become bigger drops of water,
and the heavy drops of water are pulled out of the clouds; and the heavy drops of water fall back down over the earth, and the clouds disappear.

The earths water is recycled (used over and over again)..
The earths water is continually being recycled (used
over and over again)..Water is continually being moved by the sun from the earth to the air fromn where it falls to the earth once again.