Water Conservation in Australia.

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Water Conservation in Australia.
Saving our water and keeping it clean.
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When building houses build the bathroom on a high level, set the shower over the bath, and let the water from the bath be directed through a filtered pipe to a tank that leads to the washing machine in the laundry which is on a lower level, and then through a filtered pipe to a tank in the toilet which is on a lower level again, where filtered water from the hand basin, and the kitchen sink are also directed. Lead the flushed water with its solids from the toilet through a trap of some type where the solids can be dried and compacted and then collected by the Government for use in agriculture, landfill, & or for tips.

Filters.Filters can be removed, cleansed and replaced by the householder. The tank that holds the water for the washing machine can be cleaned by the householder when it is empty, after the washing has been done. Water that is not used by the machine can be channelled through another filtered pipe which leads to the toilet.

Kitchen sink: Wipe oily pots and pans with paper towells before washing. In the cupboard beneath the sink have a vessel to catch solid matter that comes through which can then be removed, cleansed, and disposed of, by the householder.

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