Water, Ice & Stone.

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Water, Ice & Stone.
The Sea.

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30 Watris ben maad hard in the licnesse of stoon, and the ouer part of occian is streyned togidere. Job 38:30

The [mayim..juice, urine, semen, water, waters, watercourse,
flood, spring, watering, wasting.] waters are [chaba..(to) hide (self), hide selves, be hid, to secrete, do secretly, held.] hid as with a [eben..to build, a stone, (chalk, hail,
head, sling) stone, plummet, carbuncle, stoney, diverse (weight, weights) mason. From the root of banah..make, begin
to build, (to) build, build up, be built (up), set (up), (have, obtain) children, builder, repair, surely. barad..
hail (stones).] stone, and the [panim..edge, forward, fore (front, part), front, upon, upside + down, face, the face (as the part that turns), form, look (-eth), looks, sight, countenance, open, presence, mouth, anger, favour, old time, aforetime, former (time), before (time), (time, times) past, of old (time), heaviness, person, state, prospect, (be, was) purposed, open, within, (over) against, to meet, shewbread, me, ye, you, thee, them, themselves, him (self), for, from, in, on, it, at, of, off, till, with, through (out), out of, (un) toward, as long as, beseech, employ, serve, endure, enquire, fear of, honourable, impudent, more than, the partial, regard, please, by reason,
right forth, straight, street, withstand, battle.] face of the [tehom..abyss, deep, deep place, the deep sea, depth, a surging masss of water, underground water.] deep is [lakad..
to capture, take, catch self, to become (caught, struck together), to cohere, stick together, be (taken, holden, frozen), to occupy, to choose by lot, (to) catch (in a trap, pit or net), at all.] frozen. Job 38:30

Water freezes around its edges..Water freezes on its front side, forepart, (upside)..A block of water is frozen within (throughout)..Frozen water is impudent (hard)..Water is hidden in stone..Stones are built..Stones of ice are built as water freezes..Water freezes..Water that freezes in oceans is called sea ice..As water freezes the water coheres
(sticks together) and becomes ice..As stones are built the stones stick together and grow hard..From the time the temperature drops below freezing point water begins to be built into stone (-s) of ice..Water is hidden in stones of ice..Stones of ice can be built up into bigger stones of ices..Hailstones are stones of ice..Hailstones are built within thunder clouds..In thunder clouds the temperature drops below freezing point..The freezing point of water is 0 degrees Celsius. Liquids set and become stones of ice.

The deep is the sea..The sea is deep..The sea is in an abyss, (a very deep hole, chasm) in the earth..There are holes (chasms) in the earth..There are deep holes (chasms) in the earth..The sea is a mass of water..The water within the sea suddenly and violently swells and moves up and down and backwards and forwards in waves, (surges)..Masses of water suddenly and violently swell and move up and down and backwards and forwards in waves..Water moves in waves..
Earthquakes and volcanoes within the sea cause the sea to suddenly swell and move up and down and backwards and forwards..Sudden movements within the sea do not break water apart, so, water is joined together..If water is joined together, then, movements of water in one area of the sea can cause movements of water in other areas of the sea..The sea is a surging mass of water..There is a deep surging mass of water in a deep chasm in the earth.

Surge: sudden rush of current in circuit, impetuous onset, increase suddenly, sudden powerful increase, move suddenly and strongly, powerfully (forwards, upwards, etc.), surging motion, swell, strong rolling movements of the sea, billow, wave, waves, move in large waves, move to and fro as in waves.

Impetuous: moving violently, moving fast, acting with rash (sudden energy), acting without consideration (thought).

Currents of water move fast (rush) through the sea..
Currents of water move fast (rush) in circuits within the sea..Rushing water is violent..Waves of water roll within the sea..Waves of water move to and fro..Some waves of the sea are large..A tsunami is a large wave.