Water, earth & rock.

Earth Science.  Biblical.

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A bible study.

Water, earth and rock.
Copyright (C) by Noelene Rout 3rd November 2006
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Thou didst cleave the earth with rivers. Habakkuk 3:9

Thou didst [baqa..to (cleave), (to) cleave asunder, (to) be cleft (asunder), to become cleft, cut, (cut, cutteth) out, rip (up), be ripped up, (to) rend, rend asunder, (be) rent (asunder), hatch, open, tear, divide, be divided, break (through, into, forth, out, up, into pieces), be broken (up, in pieces), be ready to burst, (make a, be made) breach, win. Interinear. Split.] cleave the [erets..earth freq. land freq. field, ground, country, them that dwell in a country, nation, common, world, way.] earth with [nahar..
stream, river, the Nile, Euphrates, flood, the sea, prosperity.] rivers. Hab 3:9

The earth was cleaved (asunder)..The earth was cleft..The earth was cut (out)..The earth was ripped (up)..The earth was rent (asunder)..The earth was hatched..The earth was opened..The earth was torn..The earth was divided..The earth was broken..The earth was broken through..The earth was broken into..Earth broke forth from the earth..Earth was broken from the earth..Earth was broken out of the earth
..Earth was broken up..The earth was broken up..Earth was broken into pieces..The earth was broken into pieces..The earth was ready to burst..Earth burst out of the earth.. The earth was cracked (split)..Earth cracks (splits)..The earth was won.

Rivers of flowing waters cleaved the earth (asunder).. Rivers of flowing water made clefts in the earth and its rocks..The earth was cut..Rocks and stones were cut..Rivers of flowing waters cut paths into the earth and its rocks.. Flowing waters cut pieces out of the earth..Pieces of rock were cut from rock..Jagged pieces of broken rock within flowing water cut pieces out of the earth..Earth can be sliced..The earth was sliced with the sharp edges of broken and jagged rocks..Rivers of flowing water ripped into the earth..Rivers of flowing water ripped up earth..Pieces of jagged rock ripped up earth..Earth was ripped from the earth..Rocks and stones and the broken pieces of rocks and stones and sand and dust and gravel are picked up and carried along within flowing waters..Pieces of jagged rocks and stones within flowing water ripped earth from earth.. Waters pouring down the sides of hills and mountains ripped earth from the earth, and rocks and stones and boulders tumbled down their sides..The earth was rent (asunder) by the flowing waters..Rivers of flooding water caused the earth to hatch. (water to burst out of the earth)..The earth was opened up by flowing water..Floods of water tore into the earth..The earth was torn by rivers..Flowing water divided the earth.. Earth was divided from earth and the earth was spread abroad..The earth was broken by flowing water..Waters broke through the earth..Rivers of water broke into the earth..Water that was flowing broke earth from earth..And earth was broken out of the earth..And the earth was broken up by the flowing waters..Rivers of sediment laden waters broke and ground earth and rocks and stones and boulders and pebbles to pieces..Floods of flow-ing waters beneath the earth caused the earth to swell up, and water burst out of earth, and water burst out of rock.. And shattered rocks and stones and earth burst out of the earth..Rock fell upon rock and rocks were split and cracked ..Rocks are carved by water.. Flowing water carves grooves in rocks..Grooves are carved in the earth by the waters that flows over it..Flowing waters carve their paths in the earth..Rocks are weakened as the grooves within them are deepened by the cutting action of abrasive flowing waters.. Rocks get cracks..Rocks get holes in them..Water gets into the cracks, and into the holes of rocks..Cracks within rocks get wider, and the rocks break apart..Holes within rocks get bigger and the rocks cave in..There are hollows in the earth that were caused by the collapsing of earth and rock..The freezing and expanding of water within rocks causes rocks to shatter, and to break up into pieces..Waters wins (eats up) the earth.