Running Water.


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Running Water.

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Hebrew and or Greek words used within this page can be found in your Bible Concordance.

Scriptures within this page have been taken from The Old King James Version of The Holy Bible.

7 Who is this that cometh up as a [yeor..river, flood, stream, brook] flood, whose [mayim..water, waters]
waters are [gaash] moved as the [nahar..river, flood, stream] rivers?
8 Egypt riseth up like a [yeor..river, flood, stream, brook] flood, and his waters are [gaash] moved like
the [nahar..river, flood,stream] rivers; and he saith, I will go up, and will cover the earth; I will destroy
the city and the inhabitants thereof. Jeremiah 46:7,8

The water in rivers [halak..depart, go, go on, go along, go forward, go away, run, run along, travel, wander, go up and down, whirl] runs. Ecclesiastes 1:7

The water in [nachal..river, flood, brook, stream] rivers [yarad..go downward, run down, fall] runs day and night. Lamentations 2:18

The water in rivers, floods, and streams is continually running (moving)..Lamentations 2:18..Psalm 58:7

Q. What causes the water in rivers, floods, and streams to run?

A. The water in rivers, floods, and streams runs because, water yarad (falls)..Lamentations 2:18..and because, water has weight..Job 26:8..Job 28:25..and, because the weight of the water that is falling behind it, pushes (forces) it along..Weight..Force..Pressure..Motion.

Q. What causes the water in rivers, floods, and streams to continually run?

A. The water in rivers, floods, and streams continually flows (runs) because the heat of the sun is continually causing water from all over the earth to dry up (evaporate)
..Genesis 8:3,5..James 1:11..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..Job 24:19..Job 6:15-17..into the atmosphere..Genesis 2:6..Psalm 135:7..Jeremiah 10:13..Jeremiah 51:16..where the water nua (wanders)..Job it is carried throughout the air
(atmosphere)..Ecclesiastes 1:6..and forms clouds..Job 36:27,
28..which drop..Judges 5:4..Ecclesiastes 11:3..the waters back down over the face of the earth..Genesis 2:6..and the waters, pour down , the steep places..Heat..Evaporation..

Floods of water get deeper (rise up). Jeremiah 46:8

Water halak (whirls). Ecclesiastes 1:7

Within rivers and streams of flowing water, whirling water containing stones, wears away stone..Job 14:19..(smooths the stones), as the grinding action cuts holes in the rocks..Job 28:10..the swirling stones grind potholes within the rocks. Abrasion. Potholes.