Water. Psalm 74:15

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From Psalm 74:15

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Thou hast broke wellis, and strondis; thou madist drie the flodis of Ethan. Psalm 74:15 Wycliffe.

Thou didst cleave the fountain and the flood: thou driedst up mighty rivers. Ps 74:15

Thou didst [baqa..cleave, to cleave, cleave asunder, be cleft, to become cleft, cut out, rip, rip up, be ripped up, rend, to rend, rend asunder, rent, be rent, be rent asunder, hatch, open, tear, divide, be
divided, break, break through, break into, break up, be broken up, break into pieces, be broken in
pieces, be ready to burst, break forth, break out, make a breach, be made breach, win] cleave the [mayan..a source, a spring, a fountain, well] fountain and the [nachal..a winter torrent, a stream, a
brook, river, flood, valley, narrow valley where brook runs, a shaft] flood: thou [yabesh..make dry,
make dry up, dry up, to dry up, be dried, be dried up, dry, be withered, wither away, be withered
away] driedst up [ethan..strong, strength, mighty, rough, hard, firm, a chieftan, to continue, perennial, permanence, permanent] mighty [nahar..stream, river, flood, the sea] rivers. Ps 74:15

Thou didst cut out, rip up, rend, tear, divide, cleave, (break) asunder, through, forth, in pieces, into,
out, (up), open, hatch, (be ready to burst), the source, spring, well, (fountain), and the winter torrent, stream, brook, river, narrow valley where brook runs, (flood): thou withered away, (make dry up), permanent, rough, strong, (mighty), stream, flood, the sea, (river). Psa 74:15

Water can be cleft..Water can be cut..Water can be ripped..Water can be opened..Water can be torn..Water can be divided..Water can be broken..Water can be broken up, (into pieces)..Water bursts forth..Water breaks forth..Water breaks out..Water evaporates, (dries up)..Water evaporates, (dries
up) from springs, fountains, wells, torrents, streams, brooks, rivers, floods, the ground, and the sea.

Water rends, cuts, cleaves, divides, rips, (opens) the earth..Water breaks the earth..Water breaks into
the earth..Water breaks the earth up..Water breaks the earth into pieces..Water bursts out of the earth.. Water breaks out of the earth. Psalm 74:15..Hab 3:9..Job 14:19..Job 28:10

Flowing water cuts into the earth, and it breaks through the earth, and it bursts into the earth, and it
rips and tears the earth apart, and it rips and tears the earth up, and it cuts it out; and water breaks out
of the earth, and it bursts up and into the air, and water breaks the earth up and it breaks the earth into pieces, and the cutting, and breaking, and bursting, and ripping and tearing actions of flowing sediment laden water forms wells, and springs, and fountains, and streams and brooks, and rivers, and floods, and valleys within, and upon, the earth.

Water dries up, (changes from liquid into vapour)..Water dries up, (changes from liquid into vapour) and it vanishes into the atmosphere, (air). Job 6:15-17