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Bible & Strongs Concordance.
A Tare!

I have my father's height wrong here, I was looking at his Discharge Papers the other day, and as I recall, I think I saw that he was 5 ft 4 and half inches tall.
Now, my mother was about the same height as my father, she may have been shorter, so, as you can see this man is obviously "NOT" my father's son!
According to scriptures it is the devil, who sows the tares, so the devil sowed this tare into my father's home, amongst his children.
The Tares are the children of the wicked one.

Ernest Edward Rout.1894-1968.

Now the devil is a very cunning man, I cannot say he did this, but he may have done it, to conceal this man, his tare!
Now if he did it, to conceal this man, this is what happened, I never saw this man, in the midst of my brothers,
and my father, and if I did, I would have suspected that something was not right, because of his height, and ours.
Now this man was wearing the Christian name of my father's father, and he was wearing the surname of
my father, and he is "A CRIMINAL" and a bad one at that!
I am only 4 feet 11 and a half inches tall, and the criminal man above, who died in 2005, used to hang around me
at times, and he would just turn up at my house, and stay. rent free, and I had a vegetable garden and fruit trees,
so this man, ate freely at my home as well, and he also freely used my facilities, but I did not worry about that. 
However, recently I found out that this man was not my [father's son!] brother!
I have mentioned the sandhill incident above, because, when the Wanda Beach Murders were blazened across the
front page of Sydney Newspapers, this man turned up at my Newtown, Sydney flat, and he had scratches on his
arm, or arms, and I said to him, "How did you get those scratches" or something like that, and he said, he got
them when he was climbing through barbed wire, and I, having climbed through barbed wire fences in the past,
thought, "One arm, not two!"and he quickly rolled down the sleeves of his shirt.
Now this man, was a Murderer, and he had been in Gaol, and he mixed with criminals, one being an Axe
Murderer, whom he be-friended in gaol, he was a liar, and a thief, drugg addict, and Alcoholic, etc, etc, and so, I
had to tell God, about the things he did. I could not tell the Police, because if word got to Criminals that I had told
the Police things, his Criminal friends might have come after me!
This man. nominated me as his Next of Kin, in the event that any thing happened to him, and when he was dying,
"Bleeding from every oriface of his body" a Doctor rang me from the Hospital, he told me about his condition,
and he asked me, if he could turn off his "Life support System" I would not do that, Thank God, else the devil,
would later, have accused me of killing the man.
Gen 9:6  Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man. 
Now this man carried his wallet on him, and when he died, the wallet was not given to me, and in his wallet he
had a Passport, (I think!)  and a Birth Certificate and these items were not given to me.
Passport! Now this man went to New Zealand, and he said that his hand started to play up, so he went to the
Hospital, and they ended up performing an operation on his hand, and he told ma that a tooth, or part of a tooth
was removed from the knuckle of his pointer finger.
I thought about that at a later date, and realized, that if the man had been in a fight in Australia, and had gotten
that tooth in his hand, the doctor would have informed the Police, and the Police would take him in, for
questioning, and because he had been in gaol in the past for manslaughter, he could have been in trouble, so he
may have gone to New Zealand, specifically for the purpose of having that tooth, or part of a tooth, removed from
his knuckle.
I want to know the name of this man's father, and as I have been going through this ordeal with the devil, he told
me, that he put's that name, on a document somewhere, and eventually, someone finds it!
Now, the other day, I got out an application form, from the NSW Registry of Births Death's and Marriages, to
apply for the man's Death Certifificate, I also want his Birth  Certifiate, and his Passport, and Criminal Records,
and what ever, to find out the surname of that man's father. The NSW Registry of Births Death's and Marriages
says that you cannot have that Certificate until 30 years after the person's death. So I cannot obtain that
Certificate until 2035, I am already 78 years of age! Now that is not right, and something has to be done about
it, because THE MAN WAS A CRIMINAL, A TARE, and he was planted in my family, by the very God, of
the world who is now concealing that 
information from me, and also, from  others!
My father had a Diploma in Nursing, and he worked at a Mental Institution with Mentally Distubed person's and
even with person's who had been declared, Criminally Insane by Courts, and he was allowed by the Hospital to at
times, take patients home for the weekend.
My mother did not like that! However, I cannot say what really happened, because my mother died in 1961, but,
she could have had an affair with someone, or, she may have been raped by one of the Mental Patients whom
my father had brought home, for a weekend! 

Thank You for your prayers "PLEASE!" and, being "Covered in Prayers" "I AM STILL" in the Devil's Snare

God in "YOUR" Home! God is LIGHT!