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Brain Damage.

Use it or you'll lose it!

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Messages are carried from all parts of the body to the brain.

Use it or you'll lose it!
Does "Brain Damage" begin, when any part of the human body is removed?

Does the part of the brain that is not being used any more die, because it is no longer serving its purpose?

The womb is a very important organ in the body of a woman. Babies develop, grow within, and are born from, the womb. Many messages are carried from the womb to the brain.

When the womb of a woman is removed during an hysterectomy, does that part of the brain which monitors the womb, begin to die?

And if the part of the brain dies that monitors the womb after an hysterectomy, do parts of the brain of a pregnant woman that monitor her body parts which are being reproduced in the developing foetus also start to die?

Do parts of the brain of an amputee die, after one of his or her fingers, toes, or limbs has been removed, and if so, what about the appendix and the tonsils and so on!

Are diseases carried to the brain via the messenger cells or nerves of other damaged or diseased parts our bodies?

Promiscuity damages the brain!
Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart.
The Holy Bible Hosea 4:11

H2184 ּ zenûth zen-ooth' .. adultery, infidelity, idolatry: - whoredom.

H3820 ..The intellect, the mind, wisdom etc...

Attach a computer, scanner, listening devices, and printer to your head and use it to remember everything that ever happened in your life, and also to print and record words and pictures from your brain! Copyright (C) by Noelene Joy Rout 8.53am 18th June 2012

Alzheimers, Dementia.
When studying the brains of persons who were afflicted with Alzheimers, or Dementia, see if the section of the brain that dried up, or shrivelled up and died, due to i.e. inactivity, was the section of the brain that monitored i.e. the care of the womb, that was able to monitor  the care of a growing foetus,  which was removed, during an hysterectomy.